Top 6 Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

Top 6 Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains have become a pervasive household problem these days. They have resulted in a very unhealthy environment for house members to survive, spreading nasty and gross smells, slow drains, etc.

But did you ever wonder why your drains keep getting blocked?

But what causes them?

This article will identify the most common causes of blocked drains so you’ll know what to look for and how to take the necessary precautions to keep your property in good working order and keep replacement costs to a minimum.

Here are the top six common causes of blocked drains:

  • Hair

Hair is the top most common reason for blockage in drains—hair ties with the grease in drains and other greasy substances, resulting in clogging. Hair is something you can’t stop from going to the drains no matter how careful you are and how clean you keep your floors and sinks clear. The only thing here you can do to prevent hair from going into the drain is to safeguard your gutters.

  • Kitchen wastes and dirt

Many people think that drains and pipes will wash away the dirt, and that’s why they never take out the bits of food left on the utensils before rinsing them under the water and cleaning them. People need to change their attitudes. Because of the kitchen waste and dirt build-up, it will result in blocked drains and pipes. It is advisable to throw your food waste and kitchen waste into the garbage, even the coffee grains and tea leaves.

  • Soap

Soaps are mostly made up of fat and grease, and these two elements are the enemies of drains and all sorts of plumbing things. When blended with the water, the soap bars leave the hard residue, which is known as soap scum. Soaps leave their traces in the drain pipes that cause clogging later. Try using soap-free wash like a body wash that won’t jam your bathroom drains and pipes.

  • Flushable wipes

People started using these kinds of alternatives to save water. But these flushable wipes are not disposable and not even eco friendly, and not just that they cause blockage in the drains, but they can cause global warming. Anything that is not disposable is very harmful to the environment. Go for biodegradable toilet paper or use water instead.

  • Mineral Buildup

Minerals dissolved in hard water can accumulate and form insoluble masses, which can easily clog drains. If hard water is a problem in your area, one solution is to instal a water softener in your house. If that isn’t an option, you’ll need to descale and remove sediment and buildup on a regular basis. Mineral buildup clogs can be difficult to remove once they’ve formed, so if your drains and pipes aren’t flowing, call a professional plumber.

  • Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause cracks, leakages, and some severe damages to the drains and pipelines. Tree-roots chases moisture and water, and sewers are the best place they can seek out for.

Conclusion: There are several other reasons that can cause blockage to your drains and pipes, but the points mentioned above are the most common prevalent ones. There are some experienced professionals who can treat blocked drains in brisbane northside. Don’t feel shy to reach out to them!

Edward Powell