Top 7 Exotic Flowers Around the Globe

Top 7 Exotic Flowers Around the Globe

For those times when you want to send a  flower arrangement to your loved ones that are rare and unique in its own way, bouquets of exotic flowers come to the rescue. They send a message to that special that says, you are extraordinary, you are special, you are creative and you deserve to do something different. Here’s a list of top 7 exotic flowers around the globe which you can choose to send online to your beloved.


The flowers of Amaryllis are grown from bulbs and are often grown in tropical regions of South America. As compared to others, they are exceptionally easy to grow and will bloom for up to six weeks. Their lily-like blossoms have a variety of showy color combinations, ranging cream to pink to red and even blue or almost black. In Victorian times, Amaryllis was used as a symbol of a strong, glorious woman – a true admiration in her day. Today, you can find red and white varieties in December as a popular alternative to poinsettias.

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is a very poisonous woodland flowering plant with sweet-scented and vine-shaped white flowers. The lily of the valley’s history is deeply rooted in Christianity, in that it symbolizes purity and humility. It is commonly referred to as’ Mary’s Tears’ or ‘Our Lady’s Tears’, as the plant originates from the place where Mary’s tears fell on Jesus’ cross. As these flowers are blooming in spring, they represent the return of Christ.


Lilac is originally from Europe and Asia, and European colonists brought it to America. And now you find the bushes of liliac throughout North America. These beautiful flowers are widely popular for their aromatherapy properties. The soothing fragrance of the flower relieves stress and anxiety. Lilac is characterized by innocence, remembrance of love, and a great gifting option for loved ones.

Dutch Amaryllis

Dutch Amaryllis is an indoor exotic flowering plant that is native to southern Africa and some regions of the United States. The exotic flowers of this plant are characterized by bulb-like appearance and coming in colors like red, pink, orange and white.


Tulip flowers are members of brightly grown flowers and liliaceae. They are popular as ornamental garden plants and there is only one tulip garden in India which is the largest tulip garden in Asia, located in Srinagar and known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

Birds of Paradise

The main feature of bird of paradise exotic flowers is their unique, unusual and beautiful shape. They are native to South Africa and are also known as crane flowers. These flowers usually bloom from September to May and are usually orange in color. Along with being a flower, the name ‘Birds of Paradise’ is a common name shared by an attractive landscape plant. These flowers bear their name due to their unique shape.

Ecuadorian Roses

As the name suggests, these particular roses are native to Ecuador. There is a large variety of roses, but these people growing in Ecuador are known for the best quality in the world. They are appealing to the eyes for their large size and unlike other varieties of roses, they last longer and smell stronger.

These exotic blooms are rare and unique in their own distinct form. You can send exotic flowers online to your near and dear ones. check out these fresh Hand Bouquets in SIngapore from Windflower Florist.

Nicholas Jansen