Top Seasonal Jobs that Provide Free Housing

Top Seasonal Jobs that Provide Free Housing


Housing has become a significant expense. As prices of different commodities fluctuate, rent prices are also reaching new highs. This is why most people prefer going for jobs that provide free housing. It allows workers to save some money for personal use after getting their salaries. 

Despite that, some jobs provide free housing with a bonus of tourism and adventure. Workers get to explore new parts of the world, especially if the location has many resorts and is full of scenic beauty. From entry-level to international careers, here are top seasonal jobs that provide housing.

Ski Resort Employee

Ski resort jobs are always typical during Winter. Most of these jobs take place where there are mountains, rocky areas, and ski resorts. Employees can work as snowboard instructors, resort managers, or general staff. Their work is to guide tourists when skiing on mountain cascades. Upon employment, employees are given free houses, lift passes, allowances, and many more. 

Agricultural Worker

During planting, weeding, and harvesting seasons, there are always lots of agricultural job opportunities. For instance, most people harvest grapes in California, and others harvest corn in Iowa, apricots, and plums in Washington, etc. There is an abundance of seasonal agricultural jobs that pay pretty well all year round. Most of these jobs guarantee free housing and many other benefits to their workers. 

Seasonal Hotel Staff

People have traveled places to work as staff in hotels and resorts. As a matter of fact, this is amongst the most popular and common jobs internationally. People who apply for the job can work as cleaners, front desk staff, bellhops, instructors, restaurant managers, chefs, caretakers, etc. They all provide housing, and the jobs can be found in resort destinations like Vermont, Maine, and Upstate New York.

Camp Counselor

A camp counselor’s primary responsibility is to supervise and act as a role model to children aged 7 to 16. A counselor’s work ensures that campers’ well-being and overall experience are exciting and fun. Nowadays, there are special camps for adults and people with disabilities. Camp employee jobs are available internationally. Most of them take place from June to mid-August. Camp employees comprise cooks, administrators, and security personnel. 


Nanny jobs are available everywhere. Lately, the job has high demand, especially in cities with a high population of families. A nanny’s work is to take care of children, prepare meals for the family and ensure the house is clean. Nanny jobs can be full-time, seasonal, or more, depending on what the employer and the employee agree on. In almost all cases, live-in nannies stay with the family, or if not, they will be given a house nearby.

International Civil Engineer

Yes, engineering requires a lot of class time and practical time. Despite the efforts made, the rewards are often nice. Countries that don’t have many engineers will consistently recruit professionals from different parts of the world. Engineering jobs pay pretty well, and employees get to save more when provided with free housing. Sometimes, employers fully fund their employee’s flights when they need to visit home.

Going for a job can sound like going to a home away from home when accommodation is provided. People who crave adventure and new experiences should find more information on seasonal jobs that provide free housing. 


Bonnie Baldwin