Top three reasons you should join the CPS challenge

Top three reasons you should join the CPS challenge

The CPS (click per second) challenge or test is a measure of how fast you can use a mouse as a gamer. While this test is a skill builder for game lovers, some people simply take it as a leisure activity. Here are five reasons you should join the challenge as a gamer.

CPS test: A brief overview

The test or game usually comes with a simple interface with no special instructions or need for prior knowledge. There’s a screen or clicking pad where you’re expected to click as fast as you can. Above the pad is a timer that’s usually in seconds.

Some tests run for ten seconds, while others run for as long as thirty seconds. When the time elapses, you’ll be shown your score, which is the number of clicks you make per second. The peculiarity of this game is that it doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of times you can play. The game is also secure and mostly free. You can get started with the CPS Test here now.

Why should you join the CPS challenge?

Here are some reasons you should embark on the challenge.

It makes you play faster

It goes without saying that a faster clicking speed makes you a better player. This is because shooting and player vs player games rely heavily on your speed. Besides, the mouse is the major tool to execute your kills. Hence, getting faster while clicking makes you a better player.

It helps your hand coordination

Outside games and apps, training your hand’s pace while handling a mouse can help you improve hand coordination and muscle strength. One of the ways to improve your score is to train your non-dominant hand while playing. If you’re able to do this, it means you’ll also be able to use your non-dominant hand for other daily tasks like opening a door or writing.

It increases your accuracy

Having a good CPS score also assists players in increasing their accuracy while playing games. It trains you not to click unnecessarily at useless items. This means that you’ll be able to focus your pointer on meaningful targets and complete tasks accurately. In the long run, accuracy translates into getting more rewards within a short timeframe.

What is a good CPS test score?

Typically, the test allows you to play as many times as you want till you reach your target score. You should aim for a score between five and ten. You can aim higher as the world’s record for the highest CPS goes as high as a hundred. The aim is to get better with each challenge. Thankfully, most of these tests have varieties, which makes it interesting to play more.

A final word

As earlier hinted, the challenge is typically aimed at gamers and those who rely on clicking speed for their work. However, you can take on the challenge for fun and leisure. Using a dedicated gaming mouse or one with additional buttons can give you a significant edge while playing.

Clare Louise