Top Tips You Need to Know When Recovering from a Nose Job

Top Tips You Need to Know When Recovering from a Nose Job

If you’ve just had a nose job in London or have been thinking about getting one done, then of course, you’ll have a lot of questions regarding it. Ranging from planning your surgery date, the services you want to go for, to what to do right after your surgery? A lot of questions must be going through in your mind. Other questions like what really happens when you wake up from your surgery? Or when you are dispatched from care, what can you expect? And how do you look after yourself so that you can ensure that you have the best results? There are a lot of questions regarding post care after a nose job in London and we have the answers for you.

  • You Have to be Patient: Even though a nose job in London might just take just two hours to perform, the results actually take much longer to show. This is no different from other surgeries like breast augmentation in London, where there is a significant recovery period which might make you doubt the results off your nose job in London. So before you go questioning your surgeon just take a deep breath. Sometimes it takes up to a year or even longer in some cases, to see the full results of your surgery. So do not panic when the splint is removed and you are not filled with absolute joy on seeing your new nose. Recovery time varies from patient to patient and also depends on the kind of nose job in London you’ve had. Just enjoy watching your new nose and you can get rid of a lot of stress.

  • You Have to Keep it Lubricated: After your nose job in London, your surgeon might advise you that you use a saline intranasal spray. Of course, different surgeons prefer different sprays, but most will recommend that you use some kind of spray for at least 4 to 6 weeks so that you can prevent the dryness of the skin. Apart from that, it is important that you keep your nose tissue moistened, as this will promote quick healing for you. Using a good nose spray can also help in relieving you of any congestions you will honestly be able to breathe better after a few uses.

  • Do Not Blow Your Nose: A nose job in London can actually leave you feeling extremely congested, especially so in the first weeks. You might actually have an urge to blow your nose as you’ve never had before. However, at this point, it is really important that you resist that urge, and follow your surgeon’s advice regarding how long you should not be blowing your nose. The point is that sniffing too hard or sneezing too early, could lead to a nosebleed and end up in the longer recovery period or even worse an injury. Chances are that the congestion in your nose is either the packing or the swelling due to the bodily fluids that are left from your nose job in London surgery, and actually, need to be there do your nose is completely ready to dispose of it. Also, if you feel like you haven’t been able to breathe for let’s say, two weeks then no need to panic you’re actually on your way to recovery and this is a normal symptom. We know that not being able to taste or smell can be quite frustrating, however, do remember that it won’t last forever.

  • You Will Need Cold Compressions: In the early days of recovery, a lot of patients might actually experience bruising or what they call Black eyes. This is absolutely normal after nose job in London and is just a side effect of the swelling that you may get in the mid-facial area. So using a cold compression or an icepack, for the first 48 hours Will help reduce the swelling. In fact, ice packs can be used to treat any discomfort that you may be feeling after a nose job in London.

  • Do Not Worry if the Tip Becomes Hard: If you feel like the tip of your nose has become really hard or stiff, there is no reason for you to panic! The hard dip develops usually because of the swelling of the nasal issue. Since your swelling fluctuates throughout your recovery period it is quite natural and is a normal part of the healing process. The hardening of the tip, also means that that there is scar tissue present that was used to reconstruct your nose. You can try following a low salt diet that will help you in reducing fluid retention. However, if you’re concerned that your tip has been stiffer, for more than a few months after Nose job in London, you can seek professional advice from your surgeon.

  • Learning How to Do Nothing: Having to take a few weeks off and do absolutely nothing can actually be quite difficult and tedious. However, it is extremely important for your recovery. For gym freaks or busy mums alike, you need to step back and take some time off to rest and recuperate, the world is still going to be there. We are not just talking about a hard-core exercise session, you have to refrain yourself from doing any bending over, or cleaning or doing anything basically that requires at close proximity of your face. You actually need to just keep your head elevated as you rest and sleep which will allow for more circulation in your nose and will help in decreasing the swelling. Also, try to keep away from people and things, you don’t want to risk an injury.

So there you have it, some of the best tips for aftercare post your nose job in London, follow them and make sure you have optimum recovery.

David Lockhart