Toronto and Canada and the Finest Time There

Toronto and Canada and the Finest Time There

It is not the capital of Canada (which is Ottawa), but it is the city that the country cannot do without. Toronto is the economic and commercial heart of the whole nation, a few kilometers from the border with the United States and at the crossroads of the eastern territories overlooking Lake Ontario, the Atlantic and Europe.

Money and tourism pass through here, more than any other Canadian city, and it’s not bad for a city that was born about 300 years ago from a swamp.

The name Toronto means “trees that are in the water” and it was the French colonizers who started the reclamation. Those times seem very distant, since today Toronto is today a modern, elegant, lively, fun and very interesting metropolis to visit. Also do not miss the Clubs in Toronto  now as this is the best time that you will be having now.

If you have decided to come on vacation here, in this post you will find the places not to be missed during your trip to Toronto.

Where is Toronto

The first question to answer is: where is Toronto located?

Toronto is a city located in the extreme southeast of Canada, very close to the United States, and is the capital of the province of Ontario.

The Canadian city is also the most populous center of Canada with its 3,120,668 inhabitants, which become 5,928,040 if we also count the entire metropolitan area.

Toronto is located in the Great Lakes area and the metropolis overlooks Lake Ontario for about 46 km, covering a total area of ​​about 630 km², reaching a distance between the north border and the south border of 21 km and between east and west of about 43 km.

Climate in Toronto

The climate in Toronto is continental, typical of all North America, with very cold winters (but less than the Canadian average), while summers are rather mild, sometimes even very hot.

  • The best time to visit Toronto is certainly during the spring-summer period, when temperatures are acceptable and allow tourists a pleasant enjoyment of the city.
  • But what are the most beautiful places to see in Toronto? Let’s see them together in the following lines.

How to get around Toronto

Getting around Toronto by public transport is quick and easy thanks to the efficient capillary network that the city makes available to travelers. Although the best alternative to visit the city of Toronto is by bicycle or on foot, all means of public transport in the Canadian city are comfortable and cheap, from the metro to the tram, passing by buses and trains. In Toronto the public transport service is the TTC or Toronto Transit Commission , and covers the entire Canadian metropolis in a widespread manner.

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