Traversing the Adult store Universe

Traversing the Adult store Universe

Entering an adult store can be a mind-blowing experience. Why don’t we take a couple of minutes to figure out how best to traverse the intricate and stimulating world of an adult store.

A lot depends on whether you are entering an online store or a brick-and-mortar location. For our purposes, we will focus on the online store option. A successful online adult store will have a tasteful and well-organized website. You should be able to filter through the categories to find what you need with relative ease. Many adult stores have similar categories.

  • Women’s toys
  • Men’s toys
  • Couple’s toys and Fetish
  • Dildos
  • Anal toys
  • Extras

Women’s Toys

Within the world of women’s toys, you will find wands, vibrators, dildos, bullets and eggs, G-spot helpers, air pulsation toys, clitoral stimulators, and much more.

Men’s Toys

The choices for men’s toys offer some similar items to women’s but also encompass pumps, cock rings, masturbators, anal masturbators, strokers, extensions, prostate stimulators, harnesses, and beyond.

Couple’s Toys and Fetish

Your choices in this category are fun and exciting. Some of these include gags and muzzles, nipple clamps, sex machines, erotic furniture, suction tools, candles, clitoral aides, blindfolds, collars and leashes, and much more.


Dildos have a category of their own because of the uniqueness of their usage and application. For example, there are double dongs, packers, glass dildos, realistic dongs and dildos, extra-large, harness compatible, small and medium options, and suction options.

Anal Toys

The world of anal accessories is a fun world to explore. Toys you will find include anal beads, vibrators, app-based/remote control toys, small to medium to large plugs, as well as anal plug kits, vibrating butt plugs, and glass plugs.


Extras cover everything else not mentioned in the former categories. Some of these extras would include apparel for both men and women, such as bodystockings, robes, teddies, lingerie, underwear, leather gear, thongs, strap-ons, costumes, boxers, and more. You will also find books and other reading materials available in a quality online adult store.

Things to Consider

To be a savvy shopper, you have to consider certain things. Price often equals quality. Things that are cheaply priced likely have poor quality and will not last long. This does not include low costs because the item is on sale. It is also essential to check the return/exchange policies of the adult store to know your options in case of a malfunction or an item you simply can’t or won’t use. Just jump online today and find yourself an adult store for all your needs.

Bonnie Baldwin