Turn Your House into the 21st Century Modern Home with These Appliances

Turn Your House into the 21st Century Modern Home with These Appliances

Home renovations often involve overhauling your home’s design, normally for efficiency and aesthetics. But with changing your home layouts comes the opportunity to upgrade your house and start living a 21st-century lifestyle.

Modern technology is filled with wonders that were initially thought of as science fiction. But as technology progressed and developed, those science fiction ideas eventually became a reality, and now we live in those times. Gone are the days when everything was analog and had to be done by hand. Now, there’s an app for everything.

Household appliances and home devices have evolved to the point of becoming AI-powered, so they can better anticipate your needs. You still need to call an appliance repairman when things get broken, but now their devices will tell you whether they are broken or not.

If you’re looking forward to upgrading your home, here are a few smart devices that every modern home needs.

Wireless Speakers

Music has long been part of every household. It was rock and roll in the 70s, heavy metal in the 80s, and punk in the 90s. Music plays a large role in people’s lives. You can now enjoy music wirelessly, as wireless speakers are affordable and popular. These connect to any smart device easily and have considerable battery life.

USB Charging Hub

The average household has at least four smartphones, and perhaps more if there are more family members (or that family is particularly tech-savvy). Most of these devices charge using the new USB standard and the typical 220v outlets. While most devices come with charging bricks and cords of their own, it’s still a great idea to have a convenient spot where your family can leave their devices charging. Thus, a USB charging hub is something that every family will enjoy having.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Security and safety are among the top priorities of any family, and you can increase the security even more by using fingerprint door locks for your home. While it’s no time to be throwing away your doorknobs and keys, adding a fingerprint door lock adds another layer of safety as these can track activity. You can receive messages if there is any suspicious activity. The lock acts as a deterrent to those with malicious intent.

Automatic Pet Feeder

With how busy your life is, it can be difficult to pay as much attention to your pets as you want to. It sometimes leads to skipped meals and treats. But your pets don’t have to suffer this fate anymore, as there are now smart pet feeders. You can input the time when it should release the food. Some even have cameras that allow you to watch your pet remotely to ensure they’re eating right.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

People from 50 years ago predicted that you would have robots doing your house chores for you. While it’s not true for all household chores, they did get the part about cleaning robots correctly. Today, robotic vacuum cleaners enjoy popularity as they offer a convenient alternative to vacuuming or sweeping the floor constantly. They are popular enough to be relatively accessible, making them a must-have for any modern home.

Smart Light Bulbs

One of the strangest but convenient recent innovations are smart light bulbs. These lighting fixtures can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet, and you can change their brightness anytime. They make a great addition to any home as it can help improve the mood or the atmosphere or even assist you in adjusting the lights to better reflect the time of day.

AI Voice Assistant

Perhaps one of the most futuristic creations, AI voice assistants are the newest craze taking the world by storm. With many large companies releasing their own version, AI voice assistant technology is now fast becoming refined and accessible. You can tell it to play music, send a message, or search for something on the internet. It’s the virtual assistant of the future, and now they can be purchased easily and used at home.

Smart Box for TV

Just as LCD TVs replaced CRT TVs, smart TVs are becoming the new norm. However, not everyone feels the need to ditch their old flatscreen LCDs to buy a smart LCD TV. Luckily, the solution lies in a smart box. These microcomputers can be connected to an LCD TV through HDMI (or other available ports), automatically making it a smart TV. Smart boxes let you connect to the internet and watch your favorite on-demand TV shows, just as any other smart TV would. But you can connect it even to non-smart LCD TVs, which makes a lot of difference.

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