Types Of Disaster Cleanup Services And What They Might Require

Types Of Disaster Cleanup Services And What They Might Require

When disaster strikes and your property suffers some damages, you will want to find the right disaster cleanup services closest to you. While you might be in a hurry to restore your property and get your life in order, it might not be wise to just rush into a deal with the first emergency restoration company you find. If you are going to find the best emergency restoration company to handle your problem, you must first understand the different types of disaster cleanup services there is and what they entail.

The Types of Disaster Restoration Services

  • Water Disaster

People often think that if their home is flooded, they can take care of it themselves. They think its just water and it shouldn’t be hard to clean up. They are wrong. If a water disaster is not completely remediated, then the property would suffer a great deal. Here are a few services that might be offered to you in a situation like this

    • Instead of bucket and mops, a restoration company would use powerful pumps to remove the flood from your property.
    • A restoration company would also use industrial powered dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from your property in order to prevent the growth of mold amongst other things.
    • With flood comes a lot of unwanted material that might be toxic to human health. So, a restoration company usually disinfects the place thoroughly and makes it safely habitable once again.
    • They might also have to tear up wall, floors, ceilings, and other household fittings and have them replaced if they have been compromised.
  • Storm Disaster

Sometimes heavy rain, lightning, thunder can cause a lot of damages to properties. The roofing components might come loose or the basement might become flooded. Strong winds on the other hand can cause trees to fall on your properties and cause damages. For damages caused by storm, a disaster restoration company is likely to perform the following services.

  • They might need to remove water from inside your property.
  • If there are any fallen trees, or trees that are about to fall, these would also be removed. This service especially after a storm is a tricky one to render and should be undertaken only by highly skilled experts. It takes a lot of planning and procedures to ensure that the tree is fell properly without causing damage to anyone or extra damage to the property.
  • If there is a broken roof or windows, then the restoration company will board it up until it can be fixed.

  • Fire Disaster

There are many levels to offering a fire disaster restoration service. First one must deal with the soot and smoke, then the actual structural damages, and then the odor. Here are some services that you might be rendered

  • Boarding and covering the damaged areas to prevent unauthorized entry of any sort.
  • The water used to put out the fire would also be removed
  • Soot, smoke, and odor removal as earlier mentioned.
  • Reconstruction and renovation activities will also be carried out depending on the extent of the damages

These are the three most common disaster restoration services that are usually in demand of. Whichever one you might need, make sure to pick a company whose services are tailored to your needs.

David Lockhart