Types of Storage Accessories for Van

Types of Storage Accessories for Van


A work van can be a very useful portable and mobile storage vehicle. It can also be very crucial for your logistics need. Therefore, it must be well organized. The efficient use of spaces available in the work van can help store a lot of items. This can be achieved by van shelving services in Melbourne and by the use of other storage accessories in the work vehicle. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available as far as storage accessories are concerned. You can select the one that suits the type of business you have and the goods you need to store. Here is a list of accessories you can install in your work van. 



  • Van Packages


These are pre-configured storage systems designed especially for vans. This storage system comprises shelves generally made up of aluminum or steel. It is best suitable for the storage of bulky and heavy items.

  • Drawer Units

These are versatile storage units for a work van. One can store small tools, files or any other items that need to be transported. Also, storage drawers come with lock systems to ensure secure storage. These easy to install units can fit anywhere inside the van. This keeps your work documents and tools at disposal hence, increasing the productivity.

   Bulkhead Partitions

A van bulkhead is a divider located right behind the driver’s seat. It provides a division from the cargo area of the van. If you have heavy equipment or some bulky tools, then, van bulkhead is the right choice.

  • Van roof racks

Van utility roof racks are widely used by trade professionals. The roof racks can be used to transport plumbing tools such as pipes, carpentry supplies(like lumber and ladders). The transportation of such materials is safe and secured when placed on the roof of the van.

  • Shelving Units

Shelving units are flexible storage solutions for your van. They are available in a variety of sizes with multiple shelves and bin sizes. There are multiple types of ready to use van shelves available in the market namely series shelving, adjustable shelving, and welded shelving.

  • Storage Systems

One can convert an empty van into a completely functional service unit with the help of storage systems. The indispensable van storage units include modular floors as well as van liners. These light-weight racks have increased load capacity and are easy to install. Storage systems are robust, durable and collision safe. They offer customized van storage solutions and a more efficient workspace.

  • Pallet Racks

This type of racking is mostly designed for the storage of materials that can be arranged in the pattern of pallet or skid. The palletized materials are generally arranged in the form of horizontal rows with multiple levels. Pallet racking increases the storage density of stored goods. Also, the costs associated with the racking largely affects the storage density. This means if the storage is high, the cost of racking increases. 


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