Underbust Corsets Guide – Choose the Right One That is Compatible With Your Body

Underbust Corsets Guide – Choose the Right One That is Compatible With Your Body

Underbust corsets begin under the breasts and usually end at the beginning of your lap. There are many types of underbust corsets available in the market, be wise to choose the one that suits your body type the best. For first-timers, wearing a black cotton underbust with detachable garters is the safest option. Later the experimentation can go on with adding more daring styles and materials such as leather, PVC with bolder patterns.

A waist trainer or a steel boned corset can be worn as a supportive undergarment or also as a fashion accessory.  If you’re a true fan of the corset look, you can flaunt an underbust over almost any skirt or dress.

 The most popular trends of underbust corsets are:

Longline corset – This type of corset extends over the hips, mostly suited for taller women with long torsos as it offers maximum coverage.

Cincher a shorter underbustcorset – This type is like a pointed silhouette with an underbust that’s longer at the center back and front, but shorter at the sides.

Corsets with wider straps – This type mostly is seen with halter and cross-back straps, can be both underbust and overbust. This is best suited for girls with broader shoulders.

Bodicestyle – The bodice style corsets end around the natural waist, having straps to provide the most coverage and support for the back and the shoulders.

Waspie– Waspie is the shortest underbust having a broader belt that goes around a woman’s stomach. Waspies provides a somewhat smaller waist but is comparatively less constricting. It is mostly worn only for fashion purposes, layered over dresses and skirts. However, it can be also be modified as a steel boned corset for waist training. It is the safest bet for girls with shorter torsos and fuller bust.

Waist trainer – Women prefer wearing a waist trainer or a steel boned corset over casual clothes as a fashion statement. Waist trainers are the most preferred ones as they contribute to waist slimming as well if worn regularly.

The main advantage of a corset is the versatility – you can get a simple underbust and use it for a million different outfits and styles. This classic piece of clothing is a fantastic investment and a must-have!

Nicholas Jansen