Understand the criteria for a data science training program

Understand the criteria for a data science training program

Data science is the study of information, what it constitutes and how the information can be converted into a valuable resource. This study of data is useful for developing business strategies to solve complex business problems. Mining of information from a large amount of data both structured and unstructured to identify textures and patterns that can help in reduction in cost, find new market opportunities, increase the efficiency of the staff, etc. All these things give the organization competitive advantage over other businesses. The field of data science revolves around mathematics, technology and statistics. The one who has mastered the skills of statistics, technology and mathematics can act as a data scientist. ExcelR is one of the data science training institutes.

Characteristics of a data scientist

  • Personality traits: Personality traits of a data scientist is a very important characteristic. A person should have a curious personality as it will help them to find new things. However, the curiosity trait of a data scientist should be intellectual curiosity. They must also possess extreme creativity to find new and creative ways of mining information. The person must also have the trait of problem solver as it will lead them to analyze even the simplest of information.
  • Interpersonal skills: It is one of the important characteristics of a data scientist. The person must be able to convey the data findings to the organization with the utmost clarity. The personal must be able to communicate with people of all levels.
  • Education: Unless you hold a bachelor’s degree in any of these fields statistics, mathematics, computer science you cannot act as a data scientist. Education is a must for any professional job.
  • Specialized skills: The person must also have certain special skills like data mining, mechanical skills, technological skills, etc. The person must be able to evaluate both structured and unstructured data.

Ideal candidates for the course of data science

Data science is a vast field and it is not an easy course that can be mastered by any person. There are certain requirements and traits that the person must possess in order to get a candidature in the data science training program. The candidate interested in data science program must at least have a bachelor’s degree along with the basic knowledge of statistics and basic knowledge of coding i.e.; programming language. This knowledge of statistics and programing language will make it easy to crack the course.

Edward Powell