US iGaming Boom Leaves Europe Behind

US iGaming Boom Leaves Europe Behind

Since American states started legalizing online gambling, the market has outstripped several other international ones. The numbers are unprecedented and much higher than many experts predicted. One contributing factor is the Covid pandemic that saw many people confined to their homes, using online casinos as a source of escape and entertainment. Here is how America’s market looks set to achieve international domination:

Largest contributors

America’s largest contributors to iGaming are Pennsylvania and New Jersey, among the few states that legalized gambling at an online casino with real money. Their launches exceeded expectations, with thousands of players flocking to this more convenient way to gamble that does not involve a trip to a land-based casino. Together, these neighboring states have become an iGaming powerhouse, generating substantial revenues.

Indeed, their online gambling industry has been so successful that other states have followed suit, including Michigan, and several are busy with legislation to permit iGaming. With its more than 12 million residents, Pennsylvania will soon be among the top five global online casino markets, surpassing those in Denmark and Spain, both of which have had legal online gambling for more than eight years. If that is possible in one American state alone, think of the capacity when more legislatures allow this practice.

Other gaming states

Other states permitting legal iGaming include Delaware and West Virginia. With all these states situated in America’s northeast, there is a growing demand for legalized iGaming in the country’s southern and western states. Should this become a reality, nothing will stop America from leaving Europe well behind in revenue figures.

A feature of America’s iGaming industry that has attracted many users is the simplicity and security of online payments, inspiring confidence and loyalty among players. They feel more comfortable handing over their details, with some casinos even allowing cryptocurrency payments for greater anonymity.

The reasons

With online gambling already well-established in several European nations, the bloom is off the rose, as the saying goes. There is no longer a significant surge of new players as this technology has been around for some time. Therefore, developers look to new markets, such as America, to continue the rise of iGaming.

Online sports betting is already legal in more American states than those that allow online casinos. After the Supreme Court overturned legislation that prohibited gambling, in-person betting surged dramatically. The introduction of online betting has made it more accessible and popular.

David Lockhart