Use Of The Static Code Analysis Tools In The Programming

Use Of The Static Code Analysis Tools In The Programming

If someone is doing any computer programming course, then they read about the code or programming. And first, they learn how to code and after that, they learn how to check the code and then run code. When one is acting for the testing of the code, they use the static code analysis tools. If someone already has IDE in their device then they also use the static code analysis tools. The static code analysis tools are mainly designed with a purpose. They are used to detect any defect or any error in the source code. And when the error occurs then you can make it correct at that time. And again test it. You can also say the code-scan-static code analysis tool itself, as its name defined analysis that means to check or test the code.

Before using that code on any machine or for any final performance, it is important to test and check that there is no error in the code. Because if there any error is remaining, in the code, then the machine will not work properly and the output will come wrong. That’s why for checking the source code, static code analysis tools are used. These tools work with many languages like C#, C++, Java, and Python. Even if you do programming with any other language then you can also use the static code analysis tools to test your program.

Types of static code analysis tools

There are several static or source code analysis tools, that help the programmer to test their code and fix the errors. These are given in below:

  1. PVS-studio
  2. Coverity
  3. CodeSonar
  4. Code Compare
  5. Raxis
  6. Embold
  7. reshift
  8. Veracode
  9. Visual Expert
  10. Parasoft
  11. Kiuwan
  12. Understand
  13. RIPS Technology
  14. CAST
  15. Fortify Static Code Analyzer

All these are the tools that one can use for analyzing their data or source code. These help them to work on an immediate basis and also gives you the chance to correct your coding if there is an issue. Even all these code analysis tools have some advantages as well as some drawbacks. But, surely, they never affect your code. You can use them on your device for analyzing your code.

Even one can also search on the internet how to use the tool, or firstly how to download and launch the tool on the device for performing such analysis action. And also check that for which language which tool gives the best results. So, you can find accuracy in your coding and doing good work. So, in the next step of programming, you don’t face any issue.

Edward Powell