Useful Tips to Write a Memo

Useful Tips to Write a Memo

A memorandum, commonly known as a memo, is a piece of writing that provides a statement or information to be read by the company’s authorities or staff. It is usually written with the aim of reminding about something or providing some recommendations. As a rule, a memo should begin with the following list:

  • The receiver (To…);
  • Author (From…);
  • The day it was written (Date…)
  • The brief information it contains (Subject…).

A memo should not be long. The aim is to make it as brief as possible and include only the most essential information in it. This paper should be informative and clear. It should be written in formal and professional language, without using some difficult-to-comprehend information. What is more important, you should avoid some personal statements in it although it is not so formal if compared to an official letter.

One of the main advantages of a memo is that with its help, it is easy to deliver information to a lot of people at once. Besides, memos are cost-effective since they can be distributed with the help of email. Finally, since the aim of the memo should be stated at the very beginning, it becomes easy for the readers to understand what it is going to be about.


Bonnie Baldwin