Valuable Guest Posting Guideline Tips for Bloggers

Valuable Guest Posting Guideline Tips for Bloggers

The blog host and the guest bloggers benefit mutually from guest posting programs. The blog host gets awesome content for free, while the guest blogger gains quality backlinks and personal exposure for free. Thus the credibility of both the parties improves. 

To gain quality traffic and top ranking, the multiple guest posts that get published on your blog must be interesting, and engaging. Your guest bloggers will need to create appealing content that encourages readers to convert into customers. 

Even the author’s bio has to be unique, as it is a commonality between multiple gest authors. It is the only personal link an author can include to build their authority. Use a WordPress author biography plugin on your blog to manage all your guest publishers effortlessly.

Tips for blog host to create valuable guest posting guidelines

A blogger needs to set proper guest blogging guidelines because it helps to drives, not just any traffic, but the targeted traffic. Create a landing page for the guest posting guidelines. It must include all the crucial terms and conditions for the guest post submissions. 

The landing page gets linked to the registration page. It is beneficial to allow users to submit their guest posts from your WP dashboard, as it saves your time and allows for more content submission. The drawback is it increases the likelihood of signups by spam users. As a workaround to this problem, you can also reserve the final publishing task to yourself.

Create a guest posting landing page

Offer users a good reason for guest post submission. Inform them the advantages they can get like –

  • Free backlinks
  • Branding
  • Other benefit programs like monetary advantages
  • Blog stats
  • The number of guest bloggers participated till date

It encourages the new guest blogger to submit extra content.

Unique and original content

More content means more traffic, but only if the contents are of high quality. As an editor, filter the bad and good guest post. 

  • Accept relevant and unique content written, especially for the audience of your blog.
  • The content has to be well-researched, well-formatted, and well-written.
  • Encourage guest authors to add YouTube videos, unique images, Slide-share slides to add attractiveness to their content.
  • Mentions not to submit un-optimized and copied posts on your blog. 

No referral/affiliate links in the guest post

If submitting affiliate/referral links in the guest posts, it gives a negative message to your followers. The aim of your guest blogging will transform from backlink and branding to something disreputable. If a visitor gets scammed with these affiliate links, it is bad for your blog.

Word limit

If the word count is high, it does not mean the content is of premium quality, but it surely does mean that the post has covered crucial points associated with the topic. 700-word maximum is an acceptable limit, but 1000 word count is also fine as long as the content is well researched and written nicely. 

Website niche

Accept guest posts that are relevant to the niche of your blog to avoid search engine penalties. Mention the backlink types offered, and niche or category type you connect with. For better SEO spam control, ensure to offer branded backlinks rather than SEO optimized backlinks. 

It ensures that the guest bloggers are posting on your blog for exposure, and not only for backlinks. It even eliminates replying to guest post requests from irrelevant niches. 

In addition to these guidelines, you can use Simple Author Box Pro the best author plugins for WordPress to your blog, where the guest authors can create a customized author’s box. 

David Lockhart