Want to savour Italian delicacies in Bangalore? Then drop at these destinations


Italian cuisine has grown in demand over the past few years and the reasons are very much justified. From delicacies like scrumptious pizzas to wholesome portions of pasta and heavy lasagnas, this cuisine has become a go-to for both youngsters and elders alike. My last visit to Bangalore had been a short one, but long enough for me to explore some of the finest Italian joints in the city. Since Pune to Bangalore flights are always packed with passengers, getting a last minute booking is quite a problem. To avoid such hassles I booked my tickets in advance and availed of extra discounts. After reaching the city, we(I and my friend) decided to have lunch at one of the great Italian eateries in the city and that is where our exploration started. Here is the list of the places that we visited on our entire Italian food tour.


Designed in the quintessentially Italian way, this bistro has several outlets all over the city. Since Chianti had always been on my bucket list, therefore, I decided to visit this joint first. What kept me fascinated right from the beginning was the subtle yet charming decor of the place. A sumptuous dinner that consisted of Funghi Al Forno and a Pesto Chicken Pizza was all I could have asked for after a tiring afternoon flight. We also ordered tiramisu for the dessert which was quite appetizing to our taste buds. Chianti makes sure that the aura and ambience are taken care of with soulful lo-fi music to compliment the background. Asking them about their origin, while my order was being prepared led me to the fact that this Italian Bistro has six outlets in the city and is currently planning to expand overseas.

Alba at Marriott

Alba At Marriott is an upscale and posh Italian eatery in the city. The restaurant is quite famous for its delectable specialities served for lunch and dinner. However, the brunch platter for the mornings is highly underrated and I happened to discover this by chance. Since I couldn’t make time at night, I visited to visit Alba during breakfast hours. A cup of hot and spicy Latte along with a plate of Fritatta and Risotto Pancakes served with Maple Syrup was more than enough for a wholesome Italian breakfast. Hospitality at Alba is again quite commendable for they do their work with professionalism. From systematic catering to flavourful dishes, every single thing about this restaurant is going to make you come back every time. The design and architecture are skillful decorated with Italian marble which gives the place a fine warm touch.


This is the one I could not have afforded to miss since ITC Gardenia is where I was staying. Ottimo is located within the Gardenia and is simply an elegant place to be. Serving some of the finest Italian delicacies in Bangalore, Ottimo holds up its name through its food despite the surged rates. The restaurant has a huge live kitchen featuring multiple culinary customs from different regions in Italy. Besides, it also boasts an extensive bar and a wine library that simply adds to the captivating ambience. I had ordered a bowl of Chicken Lasagna along with a Mojito on my visit. The impulsive decision to dine at the Ottimo turned out to be the finest decision that I took while my stay in the city and departed the place with a sense of satisfaction. You should try out the in-house speciality, Salmon which is served with a mouthwatering topping of rum and orange sauce. The restaurant mainly operates for dinner and has a fixed menu consisting of a wide range of delectable options.

Toscano Restaurant and Bar

This is one of the oldest existing Italian food joints in the city. Toscano has presently opened some outlets throughout the city, but the original one is the best one. I had always wanted to visit this heritage restaurant and was keen on accomplishing one of my dinner ventures at it. This place has an exclusively curated menu, and the variations are huge. I had ordered my favourites – Ravioli Caprese, Basil Crusted Grilled Lamb Chops, and a plate of sizzling hot Brownies with Vanilla ice cream to complement the entire meal. The original outlet is located in the prime UB City of Bangalore and thus is quite easy to access this wonderful place. Toscano serves a range of delectable wines to choose from and provides the best services in town.

Thus, these are some of the best places in Bangalore that serve amazing Italian delicacies throughout the year. So, without any further ado, head to any of these eateries in town and quench your craving for Italian dishes. We can assure you with the list above, you will have a great experience!

Bonnie Baldwin