Ways to get training as a certified doula in a doula school

Ways to get training as a certified doula in a doula school

The training to be a doula is possible if you go to a certified school. There are various steps that are taught in the school about theprocess to become a doula. If one follows all the steps in the school, then it is possible to be a successful doula. You will have the certificate within a period of twelve weeks.

The different steps to be a doula

The most important factor to go to a doula school is whether you have the passion for birth of babies. If this is present, then the rest can be taught to an individual. Once you complete the course, you will find that you are really confident to be a doula.

  • The application is available only that you have to fill, in case you wish to get trained as a doula. Then, it will take around one or two days for the counsellor dealing with admissions to review the application and then they will give you a call.
  • There are absolutely no professional prerequisites for the admission of the training course, but avery short interview. This is to allow a certification program ensuring a trained doula workshop. The main thing that the counsellor wants to see is if the person has a passion for pregnancy, child birth and the processes after birth.

The doula school is like an institute that offer different payment plans so that it does not become a hindrance to pursue your dream as a doula, once you make the payment, you are immediately eligible to begin the course. There are many interested persons who are cable enough to be a doula even before making the last payment.

The entire course is completed within a period of nine weeks. But you will have the freedom to complete the course at your own pace either fast or slow. This will depend upon your capacity.

Nicholas Jansen