Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and the Importance of Berkey Shower Filter

Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and the Importance of Berkey Shower Filter

There are times when you don’t want to enter your bathroom because it looks disgusting. There are empty shampoo bottles all over the floor. It’s also damp, and you can see molds growing on the walls. If it reaches a stage when your bathroom looks like this, you have to do something right away. Your bathroom is supposed to help you feel relaxed. Maintaining the cleanliness of this area should be a priority. Start by installing the Berkey shower filter. You need it to guarantee that only clean water comes out of the shower. Imagine bathing contaminated water. You might get sick.

Shower filters also help soften hard water. Contaminants like chlorine are necessary to keep your water clean, but they’re not good for your body. If you bathe in chlorinated water for several minutes, it could adversely affect your skin. Hence, shower filters are must-haves at home. These are other tips to help maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom.

Don’t let your bathroom stay wet

You take a shower in the bathroom, so it’s understandable if it’s wet. The problem is when you allow the floor to remain wet at all times. You’re promoting the growth of molds and mildew. They could lead to some health issues. Make sure you keep the floor dry after using the bathroom. Installing a heated floor would also help. Apart from killing potential mold growth, it also feels good on your feet. It’s too cold in the morning for bathing, and the heated floor will warm you up.

Replace shower curtains 

You don’t need shower curtains in the bathroom. They’re too messy. When curtains get wet, they won’t look good anymore. Install shower enclosures instead. They will elevate the appearance of your bathroom. Enclosures look classy and modern. They offer the same purpose as curtains, but they look better. Sure, enclosures are expensive, but you can use them for a long time. Keeping your bathroom looking pristine would be easier when you use them.

Invest in bathroom storage

The reason why your bathroom looks messy is that you don’t have sufficient storage. You need to buy more so that you can keep everything in order. It’s even better if you decide to purchase vanity furniture. It contains enough drawers to keep your toiletries. You can also label the items you put inside to avoid confusion. Replacing empty bottles would also be easier since you know where to look. If vanity furniture is too expensive, you can request for built-in storage. You can decide the size and type of materials used.

Create order in your cabinets

Make sure that you organize everything you put inside your cabinets. You can’t make everything look good from the outside, but it’s terrible to open the cabinets. Group the items so you can easily find them. For instance, you can have all the hair care products in one area. The cleaning agents should also be different from the rest to avoid poisoning.

Look for a long-lasting cleaner

It’s not enough to constantly clean your bathroom. You should also consider the cleaning agents used. Make sure that you find one that will last long. Some cleaners will only keep the bathroom clean for a short time. After a while, everything will look dirty again. You should also look for cleaning agents that can kill bacteria on surfaces. However, you should avoid cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals since they could pose health risks. You also don’t want to destroy the cabinets and tiles because you used the wrong cleaning agent.

Use clean wipes

Make sure clean wipes are accessible in the bathroom. If the place looks dirty when you step in, you can use the clean wipes to maintain it. You don’t have enough time to disinfect the bathroom, and wipes are enough to clean the surfaces somehow.

Remind your children 

Even if you try your best to keep your bathroom clean, it might still look messy because of your children. Let them know how to use the bathroom properly. If you can teach them how to help in cleaning the place, it would be great. Everyone should have a role in maintaining the cleanliness of the house, including the bathroom.

Don’t wait until the weekends

The reason why your bathroom always looks messy is that you don’t spend time keeping it clean. A few minutes a day would be enough to maintain order in your bathroom. There’s no need to wait until the weekends before you start cleaning. By then, your bathroom already looks terrible. You also allowed bacteria to infect the entire area. Before it happens, you need to clean your bathroom before your shower.

Take the trash out

Always empty your trash bin. You can’t let it stay in your bathroom for a long time. The container might start to stink because of what you put in it. Make sure that you regularly remove it in the bathroom and replace it with a clean plastic bag. You should do the same for the other trash bins inside your house.

Consider bathroom remodeling

If you still feel frustrated with your bathroom, it might be time to consider remodeling. You’re not happy with how it looks like right now because it’s too old. The walls are already dilapidated, and there are chipped tiles. The bathroom might also need repainting. If there are too many things to change, it’s time that you partner with a contractor to request for a remodeling job. You can discuss the changes you want, and how much you would probably spend. Remodeling might be expensive, but it’s worth the price. If you’re selling your house soon, you can expect the value of the property to increase.

With these tips, you can expect your bathroom to remain clean all the time. You will no longer feel disgusted once you enter your bathroom to bathe. You can even relax and stay longer because you enjoy the environment.

Nicholas Jansen