Ways To Prevent Further Flooding

Ways To Prevent Further Flooding

Flooding brings about any number of difficulties. One of the most significant is that after a flood one can feel powerless. It might even seem that the only way to avoid further flooding is by increasing the elevation of one’s home. Obviously this isn’t something that most people are going to be able to accomplish. But if that’s the case than one would be more than justified in wondering what could be done to prevent further flooding. And if one can’t keep water out, then how damage from flooding can be prevented or minimized.

The first thing to consider is where flooding will do the most damage. For most people it’s the electrical and climate control systems which are hardest hit by flood damage. It might seem impossible to prevent damage to these systems at first. But one can usually do a great deal to protect them.

For example, switches, circuit breakers and wiring should be at least a foot above any projected area of flood water. A flood can seem like the worst thing ever when it hits. But it can be used to estimate water levels. One can see how far the water was and then easily raise the height of electrical systems. This is even easier since the electrical socket is just an outlet for easily moved wiring. An electrician can usually elevate electrical sockets to a desired height with a little extra work.

Next, one should move the radius of damage control outward. People often forget that their outdoor equipment is still part of their home. It’s not at all uncommon for someone’s backyard and garage to be filled up with items that can take a little bit of weather. But flooding is something very different. It’s important to consider just how high water might go and adjust everything accordingly.

The most important consideration is fuel tanks. Flooding can do two disastrous things with a fuel tank. If they’re unsecured the tank can become dislodged. And from there it can contaminate the environment in any number of ways. It can, rather ironically, even become a fire danger in the midst of a flood. Something similar can also happen with severed supply lines. These can even contaminate the ground.

Likewise, any electrical generator or battery needs to be secured above the ground. These operate through a variety of different methods. But they can be just as much of a danger as fuel tanks. And worse, they’re a powerful force for recovery after a flood if they’ve been properly protected.

One should also ensure that any rugs are moved at the first indication of a potential flood. Rugs and carpeting are highly susceptible to mold growth. And if mold sets in it can easily spread to sensitive areas in a home. One should also include other last minute changes to home furnishing. This includes moving delicate items off the ground floor and putting major appliances on concrete blocks.

Finally, there’s the option of having professionals take more extreme measures. This is usually done at a local level. For example, consider someone who’s experienced flooding in Frankfort. He’d want to begin this type of strategy by looking for flood control Frankfort IL adjacent. By looking locally he can be sure that they’ll know about flooding patterns. Therefore, when he looks for flood control Frankfort IL adjacent he’ll talk to people who understand his situation. Likewise, they’ll be able to predict future flooding patterns.

The professional help will be able to work to address all of the biggest issues. This can include wet proofing and dry proofing with coatings or foundation vents. And they’ll often be able to note when other modifications can provide additional help.

Edward Powell