Ways to take care of your eyes when you are diabetic

Ways to take care of your eyes when you are diabetic

Most people do not know that once a disease affects them, it does not affect just one part of their body. Like diabetes is not only an increase in your blood sugar levels, it also affects other parts of your body. Diabetes impacts your vision; it is called diabetic retinopathy, where high blood sugar levels damage your retina. It could lead to vision loss if you left it undiagnosed and untreated. But there are ways we can adapt to take care of our eyes even if we are diabetic. Diabetic Retinopathy is incurable, but there are ways we can manage our blood sugar and slower the damage. It is imperative to note our health majorly depends on our lifestyle and the way we lead it. If faced with an anomaly such as diabetes, it is crucial to implement said lifestyle changes to manage your blood sugar. Some of these changes are:

~ Maintain your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels: People with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are at the risk of having their vision loss very soon than others. It is a given that if they have diabetes, most people with diabetes have high blood pressure levels. These people are advised to take excellent care of their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle where there is the right combination of healthy diets and exercise. 

~ Maintain your Blood Sugar levels: It is not just the damaging of retina and vision loss; it is also true for a fact that people who have high blood sugar levels see their vision being affected and blurred by the change in their shape of the eye lens, which may go back to normal once their levels are maintained. High blood sugar is said to damage the blood vessels in your eye and not just the retina. So, having reasonable control over blood sugar levels helps prevent problems. 

~ Smoking and Alcohol Consumption is a BIG NO: Due to diabetes, people have high blood sugar; it makes it more difficult for them to manage their levels. Thus, they become more prone to getting their eye damaged. It is imperative for people with diabetes to quit alcohol or smoke as soon as they find out. 

~ Get an annual comprehensive eye exam:  It is essential to get your eyes checked yearly. Diabetic Retinopathy doesn’t have any symptoms and will damage your eye if not detected and cured early. It is good to get your comprehensive eye exam to see any sudden vision changes. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is crucial to get yourself checked as if you delay; you may have already worsened its effects. Get in touch with the Best Eye Doctor In New York.

~ Physical Activity is the key: Any form of physical activity can help you maintain your blood sugar. This helps in blood vessels of your eyes not being damaged. The key to good vision is to exercise daily. Not just blood sugar, but blood pressure is also controlled by exercising regularly. Anything ranging from a good set of cardio jogging, walking, or pilates would help. 

If symptoms listed below are visible, please contact your Eye Doctor Westchester immediately:

~ if you have a blurred vision

~ if you see black spots

~ If you see flashes of light

~ Loss of eyesight in one eye or other

People who have diabetes have to follow all the ways given above to maintain their eyesight as early as possible. As it becomes a little difficult for them to make their vision stronger than other people who do not have diabetes. They should understand that a disease like diabetes can harm not just their blood sugar level but also their vision. 

Clare Louise