Wedding and The Choices for The Perfect Rings

Wedding and The Choices for The Perfect Rings

Your wedding is fast approaching. In the midst of the effervescence of preparations, it sometimes happens that the choice of alliances is overlooked. And yet it is the jewel that will follow you all your life. To help you make the right choice, let’s decipher together all the criteria for the perfect alliance, for a jewel ready to follow you every day and forever.

Where does the tradition of alliances come from?

The history of the alliance has its origins, as for the engagement ring, from the 3rd century BC, to the time of ancient Egypt. At that time, the spouses wore reed braided rings. The perfectly round ring was for them a symbol of eternity and therefore of eternal love. From IntelliRings you can find the best deal.

Romantic these Egyptians

This tradition was taken up by the Greeks then the Romans, who used, with the same symbolism, iron rings. Later in history, in the Middle Ages in Western Europe, the exchange of these rings during a wedding became the symbol of the alliance between 2 families (hence its name), and that as well for the nobles than the peasants.

It was finally in the 19th century that the exchange of rings between the spouses appeared as we know it today. The covenants were then blessed by the religious officiate and exchanged as a sign of sacred union and fidelity. Today, alliances still have an important place in most marriages, whether religious or not.

What style for our alliances?

You have chosen the material, its color and you may wish to add diamonds; now you have to think about style. The body of an alliance can take many forms. Among the main styles: the rush, the half-rush and the ribbon.

  • The rod is the most round of ring body shapes, we can compare it to a wire with its completely round section. Rather reserved for women because it offers as much width as thickness and beyond 2mm it quickly becomes uncomfortable between the fingers.
  • The half-rush, for its part, is the most traditional of the ring body shapes. Curved on top, it is flat inside. A classic worn by our grandparents that has not aged a bit.
  • Finally, the ribbon is completely flat with straight edges. Quite modern, it has a very contemporary look and is often chosen by men who want a large and massive look.

But the style does not stop at the shape of the alliance. Many effects can be brought to the ring body. Your ring can remain shiny (the most classic finish for an alliance), be matt or hammered more or less finely. Everything is possible but beware, some effects will not withstand the ravages of time.


A well-matched duo?

One of the questions that often comes up on the part of our customers when choosing alliances is whether or not to match the duo. You can relax: there is no obligation to choose an alliance in the same style or the same color of metal as that of its half.

Edward Powell