What are joss sticks? What is their significance?

What are joss sticks? What is their significance?

There has to be a point in your life where you have come across incenses. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Scents are used at temples, for yoga, meditation, and religious ceremonies. Either directly or indirectly, you must have come across incense sticks or joss sticks as they are otherwise referred to by now. If you are looking for a joss stick supplier in Malaysia, check out joss stick supplier Malaysia. Have you ever wondered what these sticks are made of and why they smell so amazing? If your answer is affirmitive, then this is the perfect place to statisfy your query. Continue reading to find out more about joss sticks and their fantastic incense.

What is incense?

The word incense has evolved from the Latin word incendere. Incendere means ‘to burn’. Incense can be collectively seen as a product switch when burnt, produced fragrance. These incense sticks are often short sticks made with natural products like sandalwood, lavender, flower extracts, Raisins, etcetera. Earlier, people used to burn the raw product directly. However, nowadays the biological products are processed and manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so that they look more presentable and appealing to others.

Whether advancement of civilization, incense has taken various forms. Nowadays, common people breathe in incense in the form of perfumes, fragrances, room fresheners, warmers, scent diffusers, incense sticks, candles, joss sticks, etcetera. The origin of incense can be traced back to several different countries all across the globe. These are Egypt, India, Rome and Greece. The incense trade spread out from these places to cover many countries all across the continent. Even now, the business of incense is flourishing between many countries through many different routes.

Insane shape

Incenses or 业批发 are generally available in a wide variety of fragrances, shapes and sizes depending on their culture and the country of origin. If you inquire about the shape of the specific incense, you will know the belief system is behind it. Incense is generally available in two different forms. One is the biological product burned in its raw state. The other form is the processing of the natural product and converting it into a human-made product. 

Incense sticks

The primary ingredient of an incense stick is a product that burns and a product that produces the fragrance. As has been mentioned previously, the fragrance source may be a flower extract, wood, gums, root, raisins, et cetera. The burning source differs from one place to the other. Whatever item that can burn well is available in a specific location is generally used as a burning source. The availability of the burning source would depend on the Geolocation of the manufacturing company. In earlier times, fragrant wood was most commonly used as the burning source and incense production. However, nowadays, wood chips have been replaced by other materials since aromatic wood chips are pretty expensive to buy and will, in turn, increase the selling price of the incense.

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