What Are Some Benefits Of Business Setup In Fujairah?

What Are Some Benefits Of Business Setup In Fujairah?

Business setup in Fujairah is ideal for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and multinational companies. Business Incorporation Zone(BIZ) is offering economic benefits, including new opportunities for business expansion, affordability, high-end infrastructure, advanced facilities, and convenience. Fujairah is an attractive location for company formation as it’s an Arab principality that’s along the borders of the Gulf of Oman.

There are some benefits of business setup in Fujairah the following:

  • Apply for several visas with Flexi-desk option

One of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone’s major pulling points is allowing business owners to apply for several visas without the need to lease physical office space. Under the free zone’s ‘Baby Business’ package, entrepreneurs only need to sign up to the Flexi-desk service is offering flexible access to desk space.

  • No need to take on office space

It is making no requirement for you to take any office space at all. The free zone boasts freelancers and single owner packages, which is providing entrepreneurs with a fast and easy way to get their businesses up and running, with little commitment and minimal startup and overhead costs. This is making setting up in Fujairah Creative City one of the most cost-effective options for businesses of this type.

  • Easy incorporation

Fujairah Creative City’s low barriers are another huge reason why many UAE business owners choose to set up shop here. Not only are entrepreneurs not required to put forward any share capital or provide details of shareholder and owner experience or attestation, but there is also no requirement for an annual audit, book-keeping or formal business plan.

  • NOC from local sponsors not required

Entrepreneurs are not required to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their current sponsor, making it possible to set up side businesses within the free zone while still employed. What’s more, freelancers and single owner licenses can easily be upgraded as your business grows.

  • Open to a variety of business types

These are open to a wide variety of business types. In truth, both have many advantages. Your field is great for knowledge sharing and development while working among a mix of industries is perfect for collaboration and broadening horizons.

Business Incorporation Zone

  • E-commerce friendly

Obtaining a business license for an e-commerce business can be a minefield, particularly when setting up in a free zone. Not only is Fujairah Creative City one of the few free zones that makes available such licenses, but it also offers one of the most cost-effective packages available.

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