What are the Benefits of Astrology in Improving Your Career?

What are the Benefits of Astrology in Improving Your Career?

If you’ve recently completed your studies, you must be confused about choosing the right profession for yourself. Or you may want to open a business that’s been a long-time dream of yours. In such a case, the placement of stars may help you make the right decision.

Apart from opening a new business, people sometimes face difficulties in their existing businesses. Either their efforts are not bearing the expected results, or they may be lagging behind other competitors despite being equally competent. The same goes for a particular profession. For instance: Why was your classmate able to get a seat in a particular field but you couldn’t?

All these questions are possibly answered by astrology. Read below to know how.

Relationship between Astrology and career

Some people may not believe it, but one’s horoscope and other astrological elements directly regulate one’s professional life. Actually, astrology has a separate field of study that focuses specifically on career advice.

Knowledge of career choice

In Vedic astrology, there are different houses called Bhavas, which are the divisions of space around the Earth. These Bhavas, which are 12 in number, are associated with different careers. Therefore, you may be able to choose the right career for you depending upon the knowledge of these houses in your horoscope.

Getting to know one’s inner talents

Your horoscope enables you to uncover your innate talents, which helps to further polish your professional life. You’ll be inspired to carry out your duties more effectively once you realize that you have the ability to perform certain tasks better than others.

A piece of advice before making a move

It is advised to ask astrologer before making a significant decision in your professional life or when selecting a profession. Since astrology suggests the right time to take action, it is important to pursue a suitable time to start a job or open a business.

Planets related to careers

Celestial bodies and their placements influence different careers in different ways.

  • Mercury: Mercury represents intellect and is therefore important for scientists, researchers, and mathematicians.
  • Venus: All artisans are under the influence of Venus. This planet is important for fashion designers, perfumers, musicians, and artists.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is a symbol of dignity and superiority. It defines a high status in the professional life of a person. From priests and administrators to treasures and economists, they are all influenced by this planet.
  • Mars: Mars denotes enthusiasm and energy. This is why it influences professions like doctors, engineers, and military personnel.

In addition to these planets, the positions of certain stars are also associated with a person’s career in life. For example, the Sun is linked with high goals and respect-worthy professions. It influences noblemen, medical men, rulers, and commanders.

The importance of houses in career choice

Here we’ve enlisted all the 12 houses and their respective effects on career success.

1st house

The first house in your horoscope refers to favorable outcomes in self-employment areas. It suggests opting for an independent profession.

2nd house

The second house points out career options like banking and finance. It also denotes more literary fields one can go for. For example, teaching or writing.

3rd house

It picks up on all professions related to communication. For example, salesmen, marketers, web designers, etc.

4th house

It is a house suitable for any profession that may be related to vehicles and land. You may choose careers like building, agriculture or dealing in motor vehicles.

5th house

This house emphasizes careers that are related to contemplation. For example, finance managers, treasurers, or brokers.

6th house

Careers in law, disease control, and handling disputes are more suitable for this house. For example, lawyers, judges, doctors, policemen, etc.

7th house

The strong placement of planets in the 7th house of horoscopes points towards success in business. Since this house is related to interaction with females, starting a business in the name of your wife will be the best option.

8th house

You may find your career best in astrology if your celestial placement is strong in the 8th house. Research and magic are the two other fields to be considered here.

9th house

This house is related to religion. Who knows, your career may be as a priest or the head of a religious institute.

10th house

This house influences the professions that are related to government. The career choices here will be those of a politician or a government employee dealing with the life of the public.

11th house

It denotes income and success. Placement in this house refers to careers in a variety of income sources.

12th house

This house refers to careers that are associated with relations to foreign countries, for example, the import and export sectors of business.

David Lockhart