What Are The Best Dog Breeds To Get For A Family, And How To Maintain Them Easily?

What Are The Best Dog Breeds To Get For A Family, And How To Maintain Them Easily?

If you think of having a dog, you will surely know that not everyone behaves in the same way according to the best dog insurance uk. Although its character will depend on the first six months of life, its socialization with other puppies, and if the weaning has been carried out at the recommended age (about two and a half months), the breed of dog also counts to determine her character.

Their obedience characterizes some families, others for being more playful, some dogs show great empathy, and others that learn very quickly this is in accordance with the dog insurance quotes. All these characteristics will be the most advisable if it is the first time you will have a dog.

It would be best if you informed yourself well before deciding. Animal shelters usually have staff who can guide you on who your ideal companion may be. You can also seek advice from a veterinarian or an expert in animal behavior.

What pet insurance for puppies will never recommend is that you get carried away by its appearance or because it is fashionable, without taking into account its physical and personality characteristics since you can risk having a bad experience, something that will affect the relationship with the animal and that can end in displeasure for all. 


If this will be the first time you have a pet at home, dog insurance quotes recommend that you not obsess over a particular breed of dog. The best thing is that you go to an animal shelter, shelter, or shelter and ask about the dogs for adoption that best suit your lifestyle. For example, if you like to go out to the country a lot, walk if you are instead a homemaker.

The people in charge of the center know their animals well and will be able to recommend the most appropriate one, especially if you are a newcomer. In these cases, they usually suggest adult dogs with a calm personality and suitable for children. A puppy needs education, a lot of patience, and, perhaps, is not the best option for adopters who have not had a dog before.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Despite this big man’s size, it is an easily trainable, affectionate, and good-natured dog breed. He is somewhat reserved with strangers, but with the family, he is very loyal and protective. You can be with children, although, as always, it is preferable not to leave a large dog without adult supervision.


It is one of the best-known and most appreciated dog breeds. It is a very affectionate, cheerful animal. It gets along very well with children and is perfect for family living. There are different types of poodle:

  • The standard (can weigh more than 30 kg).
  • The dwarf.
  • The toy (no more than 3 kg).

Golden Retriever

If you are looking for a playful, docile, cheerful, fun, and perfect breed of dog to live with as a family, this could be the ideal one. Their specimens respond very well to training, they do not like conflicts, and they love to participate in family games.

Caviler King Charles Spaniel

Tender, affectionate, docile, always ready to please, and eager to receive caresses. So is this breed of dog, another that we could recommend if you are a beginner. Besides, it is an animal that likes to live surrounded by a large family as much as with a single master.


Despite being one of the most abused breeds in our country, the greyhound is a faithful, loving, docile animal and can live in any place and space. It is a recommended dog if you are a beginner due to its great adaptability.

Labrador Retriever

Like the golden, the Labrador is undoubtedly one of the most advisable breeds for first-time ‘parents.’ They are excellent family dogs. Of course, they need to do a lot of exercises and receive training. If they can’t channel all the energy they have, they can develop behavior problems.


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