What Are the Different Kinds of Crime Scenes?

What Are the Different Kinds of Crime Scenes?

No two crime scenes are the same. The way you respond to case A will be different from Case B. This is why it is important for every crime scene cleaning company to understand the different kinds of crime scenes. With this in mind, you’ll know the best way to tackle the situation just as it comes. Each type of crime scene clean up comes with a wide range of biohazards. Also, you may want to consider how gruesome the sight might be. Some crime scenes may require unique tools and equipment. After all, crime scene clean up is far beyond cleaning the property but making sure that no other biohazard is lurking around. The area needs to be free of infection, just like it was before the unfortunate incident happened. 

Of all the various kinds of tasks handled by a crime scene cleaning company, the most common include a violent death, decomposed body, and meth labs. 

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can happen in many different ways. These include accidents, suicide, homicide, and lots more. Given this kind of situation, you already know that the crime scene will be littered with blood, bodily fluids, and tissues. But the more common issue is blood cleanup. Failure to handle this crime scene professionally puts you in grave danger of contracting infectious diseases. These byproducts are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases. A cleaner who hasn’t undergone training in cleaning crime scene will find it difficult to clean a crime scene. 

Decomposed Body

Crime scene cleaning company also tackles decomposed body cleanup. When a body is left unattended, decomposition sets in. While a decomposed body does not create as much mess as a violent death, it is equally gruesome. In this case, you won’t have to deal with the gore sight associated with a crime scene that resulted in death but you need to have a stomach to handle the strong stench from the body. The reason for the disgustful smell is due to the many stages the body has passed through. During this process, the body releases ammonia gas, which is the source of the disgustful smell emanating from the body. However, it is not the job of a crime scene cleanup company to take the body away from the site. That job is left for the police or crime investigator. Removing the body means the job is halfway done. Now the next step is to get rid of the odor and body residue left behind. To do this, cleaners need specialized tools and equipment such as foggers and odor removers. 

Meth Lab

Crime scene cleaning company expands its cleaning service into other sectors like cleaning a meth lab. This task doesn’t involve dealing with blood or bodily fluids. However, it is considered the most difficult and extremely dangerous of all the three kinds of crime scenes listed here. This crime scene is extremely toxic and poisonous; hence cleaners need to handle with extreme care and caution. Some of the dangerous substance cleaners get exposed to include methanol, iodine, acetone, and ammonia. If any of these substances come in contact with the skin, it may result in serious illness. To clean this, a crime scene cleaning company ensures that the team of cleaning experts has the right gear to protect them. 


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