What are the four common misconceptions about Journalism?

What are the four common misconceptions about Journalism?

Journalism is the profession that accounts for collecting information from around the world and putting it forward. Journalists are often looked upon to present the best interests of the public as well as discuss the government agendas. Along with holding a prominent position in serving as a link between government and people, journalists face many challenges in satisfying the best interests of public as well as government especially due to several misconceptions about journalism in the brain of masses.

Journalism is surrounded by various misconceptions about the working and functioning of journalists and media. Great journalist like Eric Malling and Adrienne Arsenault who worked for the welfare of society and choose the path of truth. Eric Malling has set an example in Canada, of a prominent journalist. When we talk about common misconceptions about journalism, there are certain key points that need to be kept in mind, which are:

Regular job:

Many people believe that career and job in journalism are similar to other 9 to 5 jobs. But, the truth is journalism requires being active throughout and working for long hours and sometimes at the most unexpected times.

Blogging is as same as journalism:

Print writing and posting on social media are quite different. A Journalist has a more technical approach and has to present unbiased facts. While bloggers write as they please or work for a particular firm, presenting their biased view about that company.

Scope and importance of journalism are declining:

The prominent position of journalism has seemingly declined as per the thinking of some people. But, the actual fact is the journalism and methods of information transmission have changed and innovated. However, the position of journalism will always be prominent since the world would always need a regular and unbiased flow of information.

The information and news are mostly molded and twisted:

It is often believed that a journalist twists the facts and information, conveying unclear and incomplete information, whereas journalists try their level best to convey the actual facts and bring out the truth in public. They prefer presenting true facts and figures so that everyone can rely on that information.


Journalism is a very good career choice for the ones who have excellent communicative and writing skills. Journalists often work hard to present us with the most reliable piece of information and keep us aware of our surroundings. Rather than criticizing this profession and the professionals working in this field we should try to support it. It is important to bust the misconceptions and myths regarding this profession in our minds and work together for the development of various sectors of the nation that are vital for the progress of the nation.

Nicholas Jansen