What are the Trendiest Home Décor Trends According to Instagram?

What are the Trendiest Home Décor Trends According to Instagram?

Instagram is a treasure trove when it comes to home ideas, food blogs, and many more. From fashion to interior designing, it is a treasure trove for inspiration ideas and creativity. And most of the global and small businesses and corporations are now using these social media sites to expose their brand. And also make people more conscious about their brand and the product as well. You could be introduced to the next big thing while you are scrolling through your feed. 

Thanks to hashtag and everything, people are now more connected with sites that they do not even follow but have some great content and ideas. Many companies now go to buy Instagram likes so that they would be able to interact with customers and globalise their small business as well. If you are looking for some great home décor trends, then here are a few noteworthy ones.  

  • House Plants: According to a popular Instagram site, the most trending idea would be house plants. Those who have a thing for design and love to make their home look beautiful and add a touch of nature, this truly has over two million posts with the hashtag #houseplants. This vibrant décor is winning hearts, and surely you could go for it to add a more natural charm to your abode.
  • Gallery Walls: The style is timeless and with more than 917, 058 posts, gallery walls are still the number two choice when it comes to decorating the home. And the element is far from being new even though, as it shows it is still winning the hearts of people. You could organise it the way, you could go fro random art forms and pieces, or you could go for a well-organized pattern is what you like. Many art décor sites are using buy Instagram followers to add some extraordinary collection for people to witness.  
  • Neon Signs: If you like something funky and fun, then this would be on the top of Instagram posts that you would find. No longer used to make you understand hotel vacancy or any diner, it is now earning its place within the home décor list as well. With 650 000 posts, they are making a huge statement wherever they are hung.  
  • Upcycled Furniture: In a society where people want to be more conscious of their community, this is a great option. And this is a reason why vintage designs and upcycled furniture are so popular. 
  • Shutters: This is a great choice, and you could customise them according to your requirements, as well. They are simple and classic and are a great addition to your home as well. With more than 327 776 Instagram posts on shutters, you could go for various styles and designs. You could turn then into something innovative, and this would be a chick look you would be adding to your home. 
  • Kitchen Islands: Whether you have a small or a big kitchen. You would be able to benefit from kitchen islands and countertop, and that is what with more than 300,000 posts seems to say. Whether you want extra counters space or seating, they would be a great addition. 

With these, you now know what some of the trendiest that you could go for when trying to decorate your home according to Instagram’s trendiest lists are. 

Nicholas Jansen