What Does a House Painter Do?

What Does a House Painter Do?

Many people wonder exactly what it is that a house painter does besides paint. That answer would depend on what type of experience and credentials that a painter has.

For example, there are painters who specialize in all aspects of residential painting while others might keep their focus solely on interior or exterior surfaces.

There are also some in the trade whose services involve preventive maintenance painting, touch ups and paperhanging. Regardless of their task, here are some general responsibilities of house painters.

Primary Tasks of a House Painter

In general painters are expected to prepare, paint, and protect surfaces through the application of sealants, paints, specialized coatings, stains, wallpaper or other finishes as requested by the client.

However, they cannot—or should not—simply start painting, finish and leave, as there are quite a few aspects of a painter’s job that many aren’t aware of including the following.

Assessment and Examination: Professional painters will visit the site and assess what needs to be done and what tools and materials are required to complete the task.

Client Consultations: Before providing customers with an estimate, a house painter should consult with them about important specifics such as colors, finish, style, and timeframes for job completion.

Site Preparation: House painters should take time to protect surfaces from paint and debris with coverings or tape. They will often need to clean and sand certain surfaces, and some may even require minor repairs prior to priming and painting.

Getting the Job Done: Whether it’s a wall covering or a simple paint job, professionals need to know how to blend and match paints on the fly as needed in addition to expert installation techniques for long-lasting results.

Cleaning Up: After job completion, painters will clean up any mess, pack up their tools and should leave the area in the same condition they found it.

Remember, that there are many general contractors that offer house painting services, so they may be able to do more for you than just paint jobs.

Edward Powell