What does a plumber do?

What does a plumber do?

If you’ve never hired a plumber before, you may be wondering what exactly does a plumber do and why do you need to hire one?

What does a plumber do?

A plumber is a maintenance technician who installs and repairs pipes and machines that use water and gas in your home or at your business.

Not only do they install and repair items relating to water pipes, but they also work with bathtubs, sinks, kitchens, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets. Pretty much, they do all the stinky work around your house that you don’t want to deal with!

Here’s a list of plumbing items a plumber can be hired to do:

  • Perform maintenance checks on your water heater
  • Snake a clogged drain
  • Check pipes outside of the home to ensure they are working properly
  • Install water heaters, washing machines, or dishwashers properly
  • Install pipes and water lines in all areas of your home or commercial property
  • Check pressure lines to ensure your water is flowing
  • Give recommendations on any fixes, improvements, or repairs
  • Give recommended cost estimates for fixes, improvements, or repairs

Why do you need to hire a plumbing company?

While we don’t typically associate luxury with the term water, having easy access to water in our homes or place of work, is a luxury. With that luxury comes responsibility for homeowners, renters, and business owners – the responsibly of taking care of the machines and tools that feed water to us.

As it may seem easy to do plumbing tasks on your own, it’s more efficient, and cost-effective, to hire a professional to come and complete any plumbing needs you may have.

In addition, you should be scheduling a plumbing maintenance appointment with your local plumbing company annually even if you decide to DIY some tasks throughout the year. This appointment alone will confirm any maintenance issues you may or may not have and will notify you of any costly repairs.

Instead of trying to fix things on your own, hire a professional who does this for a living and likely has a license in your state to perform these tasks.

Edward Powell