What Happens When I Scrap My Car

What Happens When I Scrap My Car

When I choose to scrap my car, many parts are reprocesses while others are extracted for safety reasons. While eco aware customers– and automakers– placed a lot of focus on vehicles that run effectively, equally as vital is what takes place to those vehicles when they’re done operating. Besides, more than 12 million vehicles were ditched last year alone. If you take into consideration that each car weighs thousands of pounds, you can see exactly how quickly the possibility for waste adds up. Fortunately? The automobile recycling sector is alive and well, and virtually every one of those cars will be recycled.

Cars crushed for steel

The short answer is that ferrous and non-ferrous metals do not shed their attributes when recycled. They can likewise be reprocessed continuously. Nearly 40 percent of worldwide steel production utilizes recycled steel.

From that, it is simple to see that scrap metal has a monetary worth the entire length of the supply chain. Scrap automobiles– smashed cars, in other words– comprise the largest source of scrap ferrous steel.


Vehicle batteries see an extremely high rate of recycling in the USA; at 98-99%, they are one of the most recycled item in the UNITED STATE Many are returned to the dealer or store where the new battery is being purchased, and scrap yards are additionally efficient in reprocessing them. Because of the lead and acid existing in vehicle batteries, they have to be reprocessed in specialized centers, and can be dangerous if not gotten rid of properly.

Wheels and Tires

When an automobile reaches its end of life and undergoes the recovering procedure, the wheels and tires will be eliminated prior to squashing. Each has its own recycling course.

Tires can often be seen in one more function, frequently as swings, targets, art or even planters. One more course of action is to recycle them, as long-lasting exposure to the elements brings about their disintegration, which could hurt the environment.

Tires that are brought into reprocessing centers are broken down and reformed into a variety of products. The rubber can be melted down and changed into caster wheels, lawn mower wheels, or reprocessed into elastic bands, automotive belts or asphalt ingredient. The tires can additionally be pounded into great granules that are included below artificial turf or playgrounds.

Car wheels themselves can be recycled also. Proprietors can offer them to junkyards, dispose of them at a scrapyards or take them to an automotive store or dealership that will recycle them. In many cases, however, wheels are melted down as scrap metal with other metal auto components.

Mercury Switches

In recent times, policies have been passed to make certain that mercury switches are removed from vehicles before they experience the shredding process. Mercury switches are small switches that open and close electric circuits, and they do so through a small amount of mercury within them. In cars, they were commonly used for illumination, particularly the trunk light controls, but they were additionally utilized in anti-lock stopping systems. Their use has been discontinued in new vehicles since 2003.

David Lockhart