What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Whether you are looking for a career in the metal fabrication industry or you are a consumer trying to find the right fabricator for you, it is important to know just what a metal fabrication facility can do.

Metal fabrication is required when you need to make something from metal. However, this could be as simple as a portable torch and an arc welding machine. You need custom metal fabrication if you require something made from metal to exact specifications. This could be for delicate metal decorations or steel construction beams.

A wide variety of tools and equipment are used to custom-metal fabricate metal. These tools can bend, roll, cut, and join metal into intricate shapes and assemblies. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are the most commonly used metals. Sometimes, specialty metals are required. Custom metal fabrication employs metallurgy to determine the best metal for the job.

Process of Metal Fabrication

A custom metal fabricator serves three primary functions: cut the stock metal to the desired sizes and shapes, bend or manipulate the metal in certain ways and join the components of an assembly together.

Depending on the specific requirements of a custom metal fabrication job, each of these primary processes can be broken down into different types and methods of equipment.

Metal Cutting Metal can also be cut with special saws, shears, and heat sources, such as high-definition laser cutters and plasma. Punching is a subset of cutting, where holes and openings are created through metal pieces.

Where Can I Find a Professional Metal Fabricator?

All over the United States, metal fabrication facilities exist. Salt Lake City for example has many different shops to choose from. From metal roofing to siding, there are places that can serve your needs. Looking for a manufacturer of metal products? Looking for a distributor? Go online today and find the best Salt Lake City shop today. Check out your local Salt Lake City metal fabrication shop today and get your dream project fixed!

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