What is Dark Web and Things You Need To Know

What is Dark Web and Things You Need To Know

The Internet so far has become an essential part of our lives, but how much do we know about it? The secrets of the Deep web and dark web are still a mystery for most of us. Dark Web of the internet is like that ice-berg beneath the water, which you cannot see easily. The worldwide web is a part of the internet that we can regularly visit just like the water at the tip of the ice-berg. The Internet is so massive that it can take your whole lifetime to explore every nook of it. 

Every second there are hundreds or thousands of content updated or created over the internet. But there is something mysterious when it comes to the dark web or deep web. The deep web is part of the internet, which is used to store private and confidential data of the commercial sites, financial sites, government websites, etc. However, the Dark web is slightly more complicated due to its illegal activities and a high degree of anonymity. If you are interested to know the myths of the dark web, you can watch some unusual dark web documentaries.

What is Inside the Dark Web?

Today cybercrime is not just about stealing money or hacking someone’s account. Cybercriminals are using anything for the value, most of the cybercriminals use hidden websites to sell illegal things like drugs, forbidden weapons, guns, Netflix account passwords, and credit card details. You can even find human trafficking and other terrible things on the dark web. Almost everything can be traded here at the price. But not everything is illegitimate here, some people even use it for communication media like Facebook to connect with people. 

How to Access the Dark Web?

Entering the dark network websites is much difficult as compared to accessing the regular www sites. However, if you still decide to ever access the dark web, enter at your risk because you can be tricked and trapped here by cybercriminals and experts.

Just like you use chrome or internet explorer for accessing the websites, you need to use the TOR browser for accessing the dark web sites. The TOR browser allows a user to browse the web anonymously. You also need to connect to the virtual private network service to mask your IP.  Google will never index the dark web websites, also accessing dark web via Google is challenging. DuckDuckGo is the search engine used for entering dark web websites.

Edward Powell