What is Dedicated Server Hosting? Should I Buy One?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting? Should I Buy One?

Every online project requires important decisions sooner or later. In order to build an online business, you will need a domain name and a hosting. At this point, you must decide if you need a shared server or a dedicated server.

And beyond that, you must decide what type of dedicated server your online project needs to meet the needs of your business.

If you still don’t know if a dedicated server is ideal for you, then you have arrived to the right place. In the next few minutes, I will talk to you in detail about what a web server is and when you need it.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is the exclusive hosting service for the account of a particular client. Thus, everything related to bandwidth, storage, memory and performance will have traffic limitations or usage patterns caused by other customers.

This server is a physical computer that will be available to a single client. This translates into greater power, better performance, greater storage capacity and quality, generally necessary for demanding projects.

It is important to mention that, this type of services has a high cost. However, its maximum performance makes it excellent value for money. Everything will depend on the needs of each company, and the costs of this service vary according to various rates.

If your website has a lot of user traffic, and requires a high storage capacity, of all types of files, you will need a dedicated server. Thanks to this type of server, you will have a consistency guarantee and you will minimize the possibility of errors.

It is important that you be clear that, a dedicated server will serve you for the same as a shared one. The difference lies in the particular needs of your company. Although it represents a high expense, there is a total guarantee that all resources will be dedicated exclusively to hosting your website.

Features of a dedicated server

Its main feature is the exclusivity of resources and maximum performance offered to each client. Among other features are:

  • It is safe and with optimal loading speed, as it does not share its resources with other customers.
  • It is intended for websites with a large volume of web traffic.
  • It is an expensive service.
  • It has an exclusive technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • They are protected in a data center.

What is a dedicated server for?

The usability that you can give to a dedicated server is very varied. Although, it must be recognized that all demand great performance and availability of resources.

Now, I tell some cases where you might need a dedicated server:

Host Multiple Websites

Those who sell web page and blog creation services are the ones who use this type of services the most. To do this, you should know that, if you are looking for a dedicated server for websites, you should choose one that retains certain characteristics.

If you need to create websites with WordPress, your dedicated server must support the Linux operating system and be compatible with PHP and MySQL. But that is not the case for everyone, there are those who need Windows and ASP. Before buying a dedicated server, choose an India hosting company that allows you to choose a dedicated server with the operating system you require.


A dedicated streaming server will be ideal for those who have an online channel and need to stream. This is because its functionalities are quite specific, especially the robustness and ability to perform live broadcasts.

This is because this type of servers must receive the information and encode it in the signal. In such a way that it can be visible to the connected user. This information leaves the server in the same way it entered, where automatic streaming servers do all the work alone.


A gaming platform will always require large resources that offer a large volume of storage, robustness and high sound and image quality. This can only be offered to you, a dedicated server service for games, whose performance is optimal and of quality.

Many gamer communities acquire these services, to make a game a unique experience.


Also known as email server. This service is ideal for companies dedicated to sending and receiving emails from a server, to do mailing campaigns.

Undoubtedly, a task that requires a high capacity of resources, and is also necessary, which can only be offered by a dedicated server for SMTP. Since a basic service of sending of emails could bring problems, even of banning.


Those who buy this service generally do so to resell hosting spaces.

It may happen that, the customer wants to contact technical support, and realize that it is not the same company. You may even notice that you have outsourced the service at a higher price.

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Clare Louise