What Is ESTA? And Why You Will Need It?

What Is ESTA? And Why You Will Need It?

The United States has introduced the latest travel authorization system for citizens visiting the nation. The system for travel authorization is called ESTA. It is an automated system that will determine the eligibility of citizens visiting the United States. The full form of ESTA is the Electronic System of Travel Authorization. It is not a visa, however, it comes under a visa waiver program. Only people who are eligible for applying for ESTA are the citizens of the United States as well as the people belonging to the countries following a visa waiver program.

The purpose of ESTA is to enhance the security of travelers visiting the states. ESTA will also be used to determine if the purpose of traveling of an individual poses any law enforcement/security risk or not. On the basis of that, the application of the visitor can be accepted or denied.

However, the admissibility of a traveler can not be decided on the basis of this Electronic System of Travel Authorization. It can only be decided by officers at United States customs and border security.

There are a total of 38 countries in the world that comes under the visa waiver program. The validity of ESTA will only be applied in these nations. ESTA can be defined as an online application system developed by the United States for the pre-screening of individuals visiting the United States.

ESTA has been in action since 12 January 2009. And even currently if any visitor wants to visit the United States under the visa waiver program will have to carry a valid ESTA USA visa waiver. Individuals visiting the United States are suggested to apply for ESTA prior to their visit to the United States. A minimum time of 72 hours is recommended for US-bound citizens.

ESTA will remain valid for a period of 2 years once they get issued. You can use this visa waiver system by the United States to visit the nation for 90 days or less at once. However please note here that if your passport is expired then your ESTA application will automatically no longer be valid. The purpose of your visit to the United States under this visa waiver system should only be related to business or pleasure that means you can not use your ESTA for visiting the country for employment purposes.

The application procedure for applying for ESTA is purely online. You will need to give an application fee of just $14 and proceed to your form. You must have a valid passport for applying for ESTA. The form will be used for your biographic information, you will need to fill in your contact details correctly. ESTA is not a visa but you will be required to carry your visa with them while traveling to the United States even after having the latest visa waiver system for travel authorization with you.

Bonnie Baldwin