What Is HRT And How Is It Useful To Men?

What Is HRT And How Is It Useful To Men?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a way to treat the lowering of hormones. Although most commonly believed to be used by women to relieve symptoms of the menopause, HRT is now also widely given to many men to boost their testosterone levels. 

Here, we’ll explore HRT and how it can help those with low testosterone levels and relieve the connected health implications. 

What is HRT? 

According to the NHS, HRT is given to restore hormone levels. For women, these hormones are typically oestrogen and progestogen. The lowering of which can cause symptoms such as: hot flushes, erratic moods and reduced sex drives. But what about male sufferers? 

Sometimes referred to as testosterone replacement therapy, HRT for men provides a boost in the male hormone ‘testosterone’. This is sometimes taken to combat symptoms like: sexual problems, reduced self-confidence and motivation, feelings of low mood, insomnia, decreased muscle mass, low energy, diminished red blood cell count, and bone calcium decline. When it comes to this type of therapy, patients have a few options regarding how it’s administered including intramuscular injections, testosterone patches and testosterone gel. 

Testosterone levels drop by around 1% a year from about the age of 40, according to an article issued by Harvard Health Publishing. Although this is often nothing to be overly concerned about, the symptoms can have significant negative effects on men, which is why HRT is appealing. 

The benefits of HRT for men


Although a lowering of testosterone is a natural part of the ageing process, there are times when this is not the case. Hypogonadism is a condition whereby the body can’t create adequate levels of testosterone, often because of an issue with the testicles or pituitary gland. If this is diagnosed, testosterone replacement therapy is believed to be a method that intravitreal injection can improve the condition and relieve the adverse symptoms, which will in turn improve quality of life.


A reduction in testosterone can have a negative impact on a man’s physical wellbeing. For example, not having enough of the hormone can lower bone strength, muscle mass and fat distribution. Incorporating HRT, however, can work towards improving these issues, which could make the patient feel generally fitter and stronger. 


Similar to female menopause symptoms, if a man’s testosterone is too low, this can reduce his libido and day-to-day energy levels. So, introducing some form of HRT that boosts testosterone can enhance daily motivation, help improve quality of sleep, and boost his sex drive, which will likely contribute to a happier lifestyle. 

Emotional wellbeing

Low testosterone doesn’t only have physical symptoms. In fact, many men can feel anxious, depressed and low in confidence because of this condition. HRT might be able to alleviate these feelings, which might lead to a more positive outlook and a general improvement of a man’s home and work life.

HRT is not a female-only course of action when it comes to hormone reduction and testosterone for men can be provided by companies like Balance My Hormones to help boost physical and emotional wellbeing in sufferers. Of course, before starting a new medication, it’s recommended that you consult a medical professional. 



Nicholas Jansen