What is Mini Bong and its features

What is Mini Bong and its features

Mini Bong is a small-sized, scaled-down bong that is portable and easy to carry. The size of this bong is only 5 to 6 inches, and it has all the real traditional features of a bong. The water bowl at the base of the Mini Bong may look small but the user can pour enough water into it to cool the smoke. The purpose of the size is just to make it easy to travel or carry and even to handle. There are mini bongs that come with a lot of exciting options like mini bongs with percolators, mini smoking devices, small dab rigs, micro bongs, and many more. Traditional mini bongs have a lot of extra features like splash guards and ash catchers which prevent dirty water to enter the smoker’s mouth.

Why does one need a Mini bong in their collection?

Just to be within the budget one must go for the mini bong. The only difference is, the smaller bong gives you less smoke to inhale and the hit to the brain is less. The Mini Bong costs much less than the larger or the medium bongs. The function and the features are exactly the same so no need to worry about its performance. This mini bong is also available with bubble bottom varieties and with a sharpshooter. Just like the big bongs, once the bowl is lit the smoke travels downstream and is cooled by the water in the base and then it gets collected in the chamber. 

Some important Advantages of Mini Bong for Smokers

For first-time bong smokers, it is always suggested to go for Mini Bong. Easy to handle and the price is less. One must first know how to smoke from a bong, so why not start with the small one. It is very easy to clean and the small size makes it perfect for on-the-go smokers. For first-time bong smokers, it is surprising to have a good bowl for attractive tokes. With a right bong and the bowl, one will still get proper filtration for a smooth and good hit. Moreover, the cute-looking bong when it appears out from the backpack, the user becomes the talk of the party. Hence, it is always better to purchase a Mini bong than the large one.

Is it right to use a Mini bong?

If the smoker is a lonely smoker and wants to keep it confined in his living room or bedroom then one must purchase a large or medium size bong and if the user wants to use the bong at the party with friends, then a mini bong would be the right choice. The suggestion is not only for the size but also for the price. In case, if the Bong breaks for any reason, the price of the small one will not be a great pinch. The six-inch tall, extra light bong is always easy to carry in a backpack, large purse and is best for sharing. It is time to grab a Mini Bong and enjoy the fun of smoking!

David Lockhart