What is stainless steel fabrication?

What is stainless steel fabrication?

In simple terms, the process of stainless-steel fabrication involves the transformation of the raw material into a variety of products that are then used in fabrication and structural operation. In layman’s terms, fabrication is turning metal into your desired shape. Stainless steel fabrication is done in marine engineering Malaysia.

What is stainless steel fabrication?

As mentioned above, stainless steel fabrication is the process of converting raw materials into a specific shape. This process needs a technician who is skilled in transforming basic components into items that can be marketed since there is practically no option of causing an error. The raw materials are first melted and mixed with steel for steel fabrication. They are then transformed into desired shapes. Steel fabrication is used for making household appliances into regular parts.

Raw materials required for steel fabrication

For metal or steel fabrication, certain raw materials are necessary. Understanding which items are crucial can help speed up the process of fabrication. Therefore, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure that all the workers have access to a complete supply of the items needed to get the job done within time. Here is an example of certain materials that are required in the case of stainless-steel fabrication projects:

Plate metal

The role of the plate metal is to provide shape to the raw material. This is done so that the raw material can have a better range of functions.


These are needed by stainless steel fabrication Malaysia to create and finalize the pieces.


The purpose of castings is to add visual interest to fabrication. Having castings with the engineers can help them speed up the process of creation.

Expanded and formed metal

Expanded metal has a great light texture. Therefore, it is well suited for items like outdoor furniture, which should be able to allow the moisture to flow.

Sectional metal

Some of the commonly used sectional metals are L beams, rod metal, bar metal, and Z shapes.

Flat metal

Flat metal, like late metal and sheet metal, is used to create texture and visual interest. These are used to make shapes too.

Welding wires

The metal pieces need to be welded together to get to the final form during the fabrication process. Therefore, having different thicknesses and types of welding wire can help the work proceed much quicker.

A stainless steel manufacturing unit requires workers who understand how each machine works and should be adept at working in a high-pressure environment. Doing quality work and providing timely delivery are the principles that a stainless steel fabrication unit must have in focus. The engineers who work in steel fabrication have to gauge the starting shape of the raw material first. Once the steel has passed through the processing stage, the next step is the fabricator determining the raw material’s form. Two factors are responsible for governing this outcome, the available equipment and the software package used. Most metal fabricating companies use the current technology and the latest softwares to maintain the proficiency of the work.


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