What is the basic purpose of using contact lenses?

What is the basic purpose of using contact lenses?

Lenses serve the same purpose as glasses do. Using lenses in a much better option than glasses. But lenses don’t suit some people thus such type of people prefer glasses. There are also many myths and rumors about lenses that stop people from using lenses. This is the main problem that there is not proper guidance given to people for the use of lenses and people fear while using lenses. It is true that there are some infections that can build up but it only happens due to the negligence of the user and nothing more than that. The use of lens is totally safe that is why these are being used and the governments have also allowed the use of lenses. There are many ISO certified companies that make high quality lenses that don’t have any side effects but care is needed while using any type of contact lens. Once, you get used to it you will feel that it is very easy to wear the contact lens all the day.

Benefits of contact lenses over glasses:

Contact lenses allow better vision than glasses. The reason is that contact lenses are much closer to the eye thus they allow enhanced vision. Although, glasses allow better vision but not as much as that of contact lenses. You can use colored contact lenses to change the color of your eyes. For example, purple contact lenses will give a purple shade to your eyes. You can wear your contact lenses even while playing some sports. Thus, you don’t need to worry about it. Contact lens are much comfortable than glasses. Most people get irritated by wearing glasses all the time thus using contact lenses is a better option for such people.

There are different types of contact lenses that you must be aware of:

Contact lenses have various types. You must be aware of all the types so that you can easily pick the best one based on your personal preferences. The following classification is based upon the frequency for which you have to change the lenses:

  • Daily disposable lenses are such lenses that you have to change every day. You have to throw the lenses away after a single day usage.
  • Disposable lenses are such lenses that need to be changed every week or after two weeks. These lenses are lesser in use than others.
  • Frequently replaced lenses need to be replaced after every month. These lenses are the most used lenses.
  • As the name suggests, annually replaced lenses need to be changed after every year. These lenses are used in only a small number.

The best online market to buy lenses:

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