What is the Role of Technology in Small Scale Industry in India?

What is the Role of Technology in Small Scale Industry in India?

Technology plays an essential role in all types of business operations. The developments in technology, whether it is in the manufacturing sector or even the service industry, help facilitate better value to the end customers. Thus, keeping up with technological innovations and changes is essential when it comes to operating a business enterprise. Small enterprises face a few challenges as they operate with limited resources. Adapting to changing technology can get difficult and to cope up with it, they might need to depend on external sources of finance like an SME loan. Here is how technology plays a role in the growth of small-scale industries – 

Better exposure for the brand

Modern technology can help a business to reach the masses. For small organisations where budgets are limited, there can be difficulties in capturing the market share. These technological solutions can often be cost-effective thereby driving the profits higher while having a better brand exposure. They include advertising in form of digital media too. 

Communicating with the customers

The social media space has changed the face of corporate communications. With social media, brands can reach their customers faster. Similarly, customers addressing their concerns about the brand is also possible. While it is an add-on skill to have in your business, technology has paved the way for this seamless customer communication. 

Lower cost of operations

Modern technology in form of advanced tools and techniques can help lower the cost of production. This is not just limited to the manufacturing sector but also the service industry. Any funding for these changes can also be easily availed using the online SME loan facility. With most financial institutions offering affordable SME loan interest rates, it becomes a hassle-free experience to carry out these changes. Moreover, the SME loan documents required are minimal and can help speed up sanctions too. With the right finance available, making these changes in your business can help lower the operating costs. 

Competitor Analysis

While it is crucial to focus on improving your business, it is equally important to stay abreast with developments in the industry that your business operates. No business can be operated in silos and you need to know what your competitors’ developments are. Using modern technology, you can stay up to date with the growth of your industry peers. The SME loan eligibility makes it possible for a lot of businesses to opt for business loan for such growth.  

The above are some of the ways in which technology has helped grow not only the larger corporates but also the small-scale industries in the country. 

Edward Powell