What is the winter fuel payment?

What is the winter fuel payment?

The winter fuel payment is a tax-free, one-off payment ranging from £100 to £300. It assists with heating costs and is available to households with an occupant who is above pension credit age.

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You will receive a winter fuel payment if your date of birth was on or prior to 5 April 1954 and you inhabited the UK for a minimum of one day during the week 16-22 September 2019 (the qualifying week). If you were outside the UK for the qualifying week, you may be eligible if you live in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland and have lived or worked in the UK or have family here.


You do not qualify if you are in hospital and have received free treatment for over a year, require permission to enter the UK and cannot claim public funds, were in prison for the whole qualifying week, or occupied a care home between 24 June and 22 September 2019 and received certain benefits: income support, pension credit, income-based jobseeker’s allowance or income-related ESA.

What you get

The amount of money depends on your date of birth and your situation during the qualifying week, including who you live with, what benefits they claim, and their age.

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How and when you are paid

A letter will tell you what you will receive and when. Most payments occur automatically in November and December. If the money hasn’t arrived by 13 January 2020, you should call the benefitsoffice.

How to claim

If you are eligible and not in receipt of a social security benefit, or if you only get a council tax reduction, housing benefit, universal credit or child benefit, you must put in a claim to the benefits office.

You will also need to claim it if it is your first time, you do not receive a state pension, or you get a state pension or benefits but live in an EEA country or Switzerland.

You must also claim the winter fuel payment if you have deferred your state pension, even if you received it previously.

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