What Not to Wear to a Casino Party

What Not to Wear to a Casino Party

A casino party can be a fun event, but it can raise questions about what to wear and what not to wear. Casino parties tend to be theme-based so that can give you clues about how to dress. Ignoring those cues could prevent you from enjoying the evening because you are either underdressed or overdressed.

Don’t wear jeans to a black-tie event

If a casino party is a black-tie event, there are distinct guidelines about what to wear. There is no place for experiments, especially if you’re a man. You need to wear a white dress shirt, an evening jacket, and a black bowtie. Women have more options, including ball gowns, evening gowns or smart cocktail dresses. What can add to the fun of the occasion and make it a more immersive experience is using a real money casino app.

Don’t go over the top

Not going over the top doesn’t mean you should go for a shabby look with loose-fitting clothes. All it means is that you don’t have to worry about a particular style of dress as long as your overall look has some glitz and shine. You don’t have to dress up as Elvis to enjoy a casino party, but you can always use accessories and makeup to take your look to the next level and even wearing a touch of expensive perfume will contribute to the way you feel.

Don’t ignore the latest trends

For those who think catsuits may not be appropriate for a casino party, a look at fashion trends 2022 shows otherwise. Catsuits on the runway this year have been quite spectacular and some of them have just the right amount of sparkle to make you look chic and on-trend at a casino party. Many brands, from Coperni to Carolina Herrera, are embracing high gloss minidresses and maxiskirts.

Don’t wear shabby old shoes

You will feel out of place at the party if you aren’t well put together and this includes wearing good shoes. Men should avoid sandals and wear some good, closed shoes instead. With all the pandemic-related stress, people have been subjected to recently, wearing a pair of killer high heels will make any woman feel her best. A night of dressing up for a casino party can go a long way to restoring some joie de vivre

David Lockhart