What To Consider Before A Virtual Staging Tour

What To Consider Before A Virtual Staging Tour

The virtual real estate visit is in full swing. It is used more and more by real estate agencies who have understood the power and efficiency of this tool. Indeed, a virtual visit allows real estate agents to save time and generate qualified contacts attracted by the property highlighted by the virtual tour.

· Analyze the Property Before Going Headlong

It is necessary before embarking on a virtual visit, to study the plan of the apartment or the house. Realize the surfaces, as well as the path that we wish to follow to future customers. You can not go from the kitchen to a bathroom while between the two, there is a corridor. The trip must be thought beforehand to allow people who will view the virtual tour, never to get lost during the visit. They will be able to better project and realize the surfaces of the property in question.

· A Home Staging Point

Every detail is essential in a virtual tour. Once the virtual visit is online, there is no turning back. It is therefore imperative to store the parts, remove the rags that hang in the kitchen, toothbrushes in the bathroom. The property must be as neutral as possible to allow potential customers to appropriate it through the virtual staging visit.

· Optimize the Brightness of the Property to Highlight It

A virtual tour is above all a gathering of photos. Today, it makes sense to pay attention to lighting when taking a picture. It’s precisely the same for a virtual tour. The blinds, curtains, shutters in the room must be open if the room is dark or does not have natural lighting, lights must be arranged intelligently to bring brightness in the place.

· Where to Place the Tripod in the Room

The location of the tripod is critical; it is necessary to follow these recommendations to have the best result on the virtual visit:

Do not put yourself in the middle of the room, but do it according to the rule of thirds and then shift a step or two to the left or right depending on what you like best.

Avoid Getting Close to the walls.

Check if the tripod has a level, to put the bubble in the middle.

Once the tripod is in place, do not move it and check the preview on the camera before taking the picture or panorama according to the equipment used.

·  Organize Your Files

Create folders to store different photos and panoramas to make sure you do not miss a virtual tour.

Above all, to name the photos and panoramas piece by piece to facilitate then the work for the establishment of the path to follow.

Use the same database for all virtual tours to create a catalogue and navigate comfortably.

·  Always Go Through the Photo Editing Box

The main objective is to show reality and not fiction. This does not prevent some adjustments to optimize the quality of the picture by keeping a light hand on the changes made.

David Lockhart