What to do if your diamond is loose

What to do if your diamond is loose

It’s Monday morning and you’re in the bathroom getting ready. As you look into the mirror you see your shining smile and, wait, you notice a diamond is missing from one of your earrings. If that diamond is real, this is likely going to cause a very bad start to your week.


In the instance above, you probably gasped as you envisioned this scenario. Unfortunately, it’s not one that’s uncommon yet it’s one that could be prevented by doing a little due diligence as a jewelry owner.

The best way to prevent ever looking in the mirror at an empty earing or necklace plate is to check if your diamond is loose before you put it in your ear, around your neck, or even wear it on your hand (rings).

  • First, you need to take the piece of jewelry and put it close to your ear. Flick the diamond with your nail and see if you can hear it wiggle or make a moving noise. You can also do this by putting the diamond close to your eye and seeing if you can see the diamond wiggle as you flick it slightly.
  • If your nail has determined the diamond is moving, it’s important you do not wear that piece of jewelry and instead stow it away until you can take it in to get jewelry repair services at your local jewelry store.

Another test you can do is with tweezers. With tweezers, you will want to put the diamond in the direct sunlight and then push down on the stone slightly with the tweezers. If the stone is reflecting light in some areas and not others, you may have a loose stone.

I have a loose stone, now what?

The best thing to do, we’ll say it again, is to not wear that item of jewelry and instead take it to a jewelry repair shop right away. They’ll be able to get it fixed for you usually in 1-week to 10-days.

Edward Powell