What to do with Christmas Decorations After the Holidays

What to do with Christmas Decorations After the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and everyone is busy planning for one of the most exciting times of the year. At the same time, many people might also be disappointed as they struggle to find their decorations after last year’s festivities.

They might also be thinking that if they had stored their decorations a little bit better, they would have an easier time finding them. With this in mind, there are a few tips that everyone should follow to make sure their decorations are intact and easy to find after the holidays.

1. Reuse the Christmas Tree Box

The original Christmas tree box works great for the storage of the original tree; however, cardboard is easy to crush. This can damage the tree. Think about wrapping the Christmas tree in a tree bag and using tape to keep it safe during the year. Furthermore, make sure to keep the tree in a climate-controlled environment to keep it safe until next year.

2. Label the Ornaments

While this might create a little bit of extra work, this will make it much easier to find everything next year. Take the time to label the ornaments so that people aren’t opening every box trying to frantically find the ornaments next year.

3. Wrap the Lights Around Cardboard

In order to keep the holiday lights easy to find next year, wrap them around pieces of cardboard. This will allow the lights to take up less space in storage while also keeping them safe for next year.

4. Install Hooks to Hang Awkward Christmas Decor in Storage

Finally, take the time to install some hooks in the storage area. These hooks are great for hanging up Christmas and holiday decor that might otherwise be awkward to store.

Edward Powell