What you Need to Know about Telehealth Visits

What you Need to Know about Telehealth Visits

Do you wish family physicians still made house calls? Well, you’re in luck! Here at Zenith Health in Riverton we make it easy to get the same benefits as a house call from your computer or phone during these times.

Telehealth visits are virtual office visits that let you video chat with a Zenith Health physician from the comfort of your home or wherever you are with internet access! If you or your family is out of town, stuck at work, or too sick to get out of bed, you don’t need to go to an expensive emergency room or visit with a physician who doesn’t have access to your health records. You can video chat with one of our physicians. A physician can diagnose conditions and prescribe medicine from this visit with you.
If you’ve never had a telehealth visit, you may still have some questions and we’re here to fill you in!

What can I virtually see a physician for?

There are many things you can speak with a physician about during a televisit! Some of these include:

Colds and coughs
Pink eye
Follow-up visits
Sore throat
Medication refills and checks
Urinary tract infections and more

There are some instances where your physician will ask you to come in, so make sure to discuss with your scheduler what type of visit is best for you.

What technology do I need for a visit?

Many laptops and tablets are already equipped with everything you’ll need for your televisit! Just make sure that you have:

Internet access
Video accessibility on your device
Speakers or headphones

How much does a telehealth visit cost?

A telehealth visit is an office visit – except you don’t have to come into our Riverton, Lehi, or Saratoga office- so it usually costs the same as an in-person visit! These appointments are billed to insurance in the same way as a traditional visit, so they are typically covered by your insurance identically to an office visit.

Is my information private?

Yes! Your telehealth visit is done through our secure portal. Your visits are still private and between you and a Zenith Health provider.

I’ve scheduled my appointment. Now what?

You’ll receive a reminder by text about your appointment. When it’s time for your appointment, you can video chat with your doctor by accessing the link sent to you via text. If you are looking for the best family health physician in the valley, look no further.

Zenith Health provides family physicians in Riverton,UT. If you are looking for a health clinic contact them for a doctors appointment in Riverton today.

Edward Powell