What You Should Look For In School fundraising companies

What You Should Look For In School fundraising companies


One mistake that a lot of people make when they are trying to raise funds for a school project is to make use of any school fundraising company that they see out there. This is wrong. They do not bother to run a background check on school fundraising companies before they make use of them. At the end of the day, are left to deal with unscrupulous elements. Instead of having access to the funds that they have raised, the unscrupulous fundraising company takes everything. How do you prevent yourself from falling prey?

We have drafted out some things that you should look out for when you are going for a school fundraising company.  However we believe that Fundraising Zone is the best option.


The first thing that you should ask yourself is how reputable is the school fundraising company. What reputation have they amassed over the years? Do people see them as a school finds a raising company that does what it says it does? Does it pay when it says it would be pay? The truth remains can’t help some do not give the schools the money after the fundraising is done. Some go out of their way to stress the school before they give them the funds. You have to find out what people say about the school fundraising company before you use it. A great way to find out is by looking at the reviews. With the reviews, you can see what to expect when you work with a school fundraising company. Will they be nice to work with or not? Find out.

How much commission does it take?

This is one question that you ask whatever school fundraising companies you intend to use. How much commission will they take for their service? Some take every minute and give you a large bulk of the money, while others do the exact opposite. They take a lathe bulk all in the name of trumped-up fees. You can see how much they take as a commission by reading up their terms and conditions. Look at the fine prints before you agree to anything. You see those words that are tiny, read them because that is where the clauses are. If you don’t understand something, contact the company to explain it to you. You want to be clear about anything to avoid having to deal with hidden charges.

Are They Good Listeners?

Not every school fundraising is the same, meaning that there may be intricacies to the one you want to carry out. You may have your suggestions. Don’t be scared of letting the school fundraising company know. See how they listen to the suggestions, no matter how dumb they may sound. Do they shove them into the trash can? Or are they interested in what you are saying? You have to find out. Will they want to be flexible for you? Or not? You need a school fundraising company that is ready to listen to your thoughts, no matter how silly they may sound.

Do They Believe In High Expectations

One thing that you will always hear is that it is good to shoot for the stars, and if you don’t get to the stars, you will land on the clouds. You should use the same thing when picking out the school fundraising company that you want to work with. Do they have expectations? What are they like? Find out if they are optimistic, pessimistic, or a realist?

What Strategies Do They Have To Raise The Funds?

This is something that you have to ask. While you have your strategies to raise funds, find out what strategies the school fundraising company has. Do they have coffee fundraising programs? Candle fundraising programs? Crowdfunding programs? Find out. See if they can allow you to add your ideas to the fundraising program that you have decided to run. How flexible are they? Remember that school fundraising is for a reason. If they are, this means that you can use it to your advantage.

When you remain inspired, there is no amount that is too big for you to raise. Let your inspiration run wild. Don’t forget one thing. Always think outside the box.






David Lockhart