What’s Next For Energy Deregulation?

What’s Next For Energy Deregulation?

Energy deregulation came to the U.S. less than three decades ago and the jury is still out on its benefits to end users. While some states, such as Connecticut, report that customers who have chosen a retail supplier are paying more than the utility, other states are leading the example for a properly structured deregualted market. Here are some tips for finding a good energy company to save money from energy deregulation. 

1.Find a Good Broker

Fidning a great energy broker can solve all of your problems as they relate to deregulation. While energy brokers earn a small commission for placing your account with a supplier, a good energy broker will understand the market and be able to offer your guidance and advice. Furthermore, many of the problems customers face with energy suppliers have to do with when their contracts expire. They forget and the supplier bills them a high rate. A good broker will watch this for you and help you renew your contract in time. 

2.Watch Your Contract Expiration

Like we stated previously, taking note of your contract expiration date is very important. Many suppliers will bill you a variable rate after your contract expires and that rate can be very high. Be sure to choose a new plan before your contract expires or go back to the utility company for supply. 

3.Read The Contract

Make sure your supply contract does not contain any hidden language or fine print that can harm you. Sometimes suppliers will charge a flat monthly fee on top of their rate, so while the rate seems low its actually quite high when you do the math. Other things, such as pass-through charges, and taxes are key things to watch out for when signing up with an energy supplier. 


Nicholas Jansen