Where to Buy Cuisinart Food Processor Replacement Parts?

Where to Buy Cuisinart Food Processor Replacement Parts?

I’ve always been a “repair, don’t replace” kind of girl. I figure that curbing my product consumption is the best thing I can do to limit the waste and pollution that comes from manufacturing. I sew my clothes when I get a tear. I use my stuff until I literally can’t anymore. Even when it seems like a new item is necessary, I look for ways to replace it that require less manufacturing — like buying replacement PARTS instead of a whole new machine.

Similarly, I try to avoid massive corporations like Amazon when I’m looking for these replacement parts. If I can support a smaller business AND limit overconsumption at the same time, so much the better! So I was so happy to come across Kitchen Works, Inc. recently when I was shopping for replacement Cuisinart food processor parts.

Firstly, Kitchen Works has a great selection. They have replacement bowls, lids, blades, and pushers from several different Cuisinart models, as well as some parts that are universal to all Cuisinart food processors. I was able to find the piece I needed quickly and easily, thanks to the accessibility of their online store.

Secondly, Kitchen Works pieces are affordable and high-quality. They get their replacement parts straight from the Cuisinart warehouse, so you know you’re getting the real deal when you buy from them. My new work bowl was shipped quickly and arrived to me in perfect condition.

Finally, I love the Kitchen Works, Inc. story. This company has been serving the Atlanta area since the 80s, and their local style is truly apparent in their customer service. When I emailed them with a few questions about the model type for my processor, they were so helpful and friendly. I’ll definitely be visiting this site the next time I need kitchen appliances!


Clare Louise